Tuesday, April 2, 2013

For the second and final part of my March 2013 Artist-in-Residence Challenge for Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko, I finally finished my fabric project using the Tsukineko APIs (All-Purpose Inks).

If you recall, the first part of the project was stamping  a design on silk fabric with StazOn and then coloring with the APIs using a brush. (see March 21, 2013 blog entry)

Here is the second part . . .

I found this set of batik fabric swatches at the Sewing Expo, the same show where I purchased the silk fabric.

Each swatch highlighted a different
word and I chose "PEACE" for my project.

I filled a small plastic tub with bottled water (the mineral
content in our water is very high and it seemed to
cause the colors to quickly sink to the bottom of the tub).
I chose the 2 API colors and
dipped a small watercolor brush in each, leaving lots of color
on each brush tip but not so much that the colors did not drop off.

I dipped the brush tip quickly on the surface
of the water and then quickly dipped the brush
tip of the other quickly inside the circle of the
color I had previously dropped.

I then laid the cloth, design side face down, into the
tub of water where the color was. After a few seconds,
I lifted the cloth out of the tub and laid it on a
stack of paper towels to absorb the excess water.

I thought the colors were more muted than I wanted,
so I sprayed Tsukineko's Ink Potion No. 9 on the
cloth and that intensified the colors more to what
I wanted.

Then I laid the cloth on another stack of clean dry paper
towels to dry overnght. The next day I laid the two pieces of
material, right sides facing, and sewed them together leaving a space to
insert the fiber filling; I hand-sewed the opening closed. I found some
yarn and attached it, by hand, around the seam lines with needle and thread.

The completed project.
by Debbie Gaetz for Imagine Crafts/Tsukineko

Thanks for stopping by to see my completed project. This month's AIR projects are going to be fun, so please be sure to check in each day on Imagine Crafts' Facebook page to see what's happening! I'll see you again on the April 9 with another Imagine Crafts project.

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