Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Today's the 2nd Day of Christmas at Art 'n Soul . . .

"On the second day of Christmas, my Art ‘n Soul gave to me, one Christmas stamp at 25% off. Tuesday, Dec. 13 ONLY!"

Anytime you come into the store, you receive a ticket that goes into the grand prize bowl. There are ways to put more tickets into the bowl . . . check it out at Art 'n Soul's 12 Days of Christmas celebration.

The long-awaited Memory Box order arrived yesterday, and so did The Artful Stamper order. Dianne was a busy little elf.

The Memory Box Polar Bear and Ornament Die and Matching Stamp are here again!

The Artful Stamper stamps will definitely make
stamping art fun to do because they are so cool! They're
a new stamp company for Art 'n Soul . . . Susie and I loved their stamps
when we saw them at Mimi's in Montreal, Quebec. We know you're
going to like The Artful Stamper stamp line.

Many thanks to Susie for hosting a holiday dessert party at her home last night for the Art 'n Soul staff and volunteers. The only person missing was Joanna Penfield who sets up our gargantuan monthly Recycled Rubber because she was hosting out-of-town guests at her home.

And we had a surprise visit from Mrs. Claus and her
unusually petite Santa Claus! More on that later . . . stay tuned!

The Food Bank picked up our over-flowing barrel. It's ready for more non-perishable donations for families who are not as fortunate as we are . . . you've always been generous and we know you'll continue to be. We'd like to send another full barrel to The Food Bank before Christmas!

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  1. What a great group of people I work with! Too bad Gwen is sort of hiding in the background. Love you all!