Thursday, February 10, 2011

Zentangling My Way Home

It's so good to be home . . . bits of turbulence while winging our way across the country. I was feeling so lucky to find myself in first class and a 'box dinner' I purchased at Whole Foods in Orlando . . . triple-creamy Brie, special thin crackers, and a container of fresh kiwi and strawberries.

For 5 of the 6 hours in flight, I zentangled my time away. I was challenged because I had left my pattern book at home and had to either memorize the patterns or make them up as I went. I'm going to be brave and share them with you.

This was my first attempt
on the flight.

The second attempt.

I decided to continue the lines of one zentangle into
another zentangle for my 3rd attempt.

The final attempt and this one took many turns. It didn't start out the
way it looks now . . . I went back into the various zentangles a
few more times to doctor them up and/or help balance the over-all design.
As it was taking shape, it was kind of surprising to see where it
was taking me.

I am learning to vary my tangle and to remember to make it one continous line without stopping the pen. I used a Sakura Micron tip .03 pen. It was a very pleasant and relaxing exercise . . . the flight could have been longer and I would not have minded at all!

Marj is leaving for Illinois tomorrow to spend time with her dad . . . let's send very warm wishes as she plows her way from the airport to her final destination. Perhaps she'll find another snowman to take a picture of for her 2011 Christmas card photo.

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