Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sue made a special shelf of only the new Magenta stamps today so it will be easier for you to find them. Of course, surrounding shelves hold more Magenta stamps for your preview and purchase. When I return from this trip, I'll put out the new chipboard by this weekend. And tomorrow, we unpack the box from Impression Obsession . . . oh boy!

Lisa King with Local Rubber King Stamps sent us these photos of her card samples for the classes she's teaching at Art 'n Soul on May 16. Be sure to sign up early because she's posted this info on her website too! Call or e-mail the store if you cannot come in to sign up:  360.357.6820 or artnsoul@artnsoul.comcastbiz.net

First Class:  3-D Cards

Second class: Embossing ! Embossing ! Embossing !

Today was a beautiful sunny day that was as cold as it was sunny. I'll take the cold of today over the rain of yesterday. I made my way through Suess Landing, Jurassic Park and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and a little bit of The Lost Continent. Here are a few of my favorite impressions . . .

I had to take this picture because I cannot begin
to count the number of times this Dr. Suess book was
read to the little ones!

I told THE CAT that I wished I was wearing his outfit because
it was so warm and snuggly!

I loved the blossom on this tree, however hairy it appeared.

Hibiscus . . . one of my all-time favorite blossoms!

I think I would like to live on this street!

How cool is this 'fan' of leaves!

The yellow against the blue sky . . . I wish the photo could have captured
how really beautiful it was!

I really was in 'hog' heaven visiting Harry Potter's world!

This was the softest white owl.

Confections from the confectionary!

After purchasing postcards from Potter's world,
they were postmarked from Hogswart!

One of the many views of the Castle!

I really don't remember what world this was in
but I loved the globe.

From Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville Porch . . .
if only I could have slipped this sign into my purse!

These parrots sit at the entrance to Margaritaville,
complete with heat lamps! I declined the
opportunity to hold him . . . he's about 15 years old.
They live about 100 years!

The guy on the left was the most animated and
inquisitive. He doesn't like the little bracelet he wears
on his claw and kept trying to chew it off!

All this one wanted to do was preen
herself the entire time I took
pictures . . . I couldn't attract her
attention for one second!
Tomorrow is downtown Disney and, afterward, it will be time to pack it up for the return trip home.

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