Monday, December 6, 2010

We Need 3 More Students for Elaine Woodhouse's British Cream Tea & Matching Embossed Metal Cards & Tags

The Outlines Rubber Stamp order arrived today. There are a few stamps left . . . the large 'Partridge in a Pear Tree' on cling foam mount, as well as the ornament topper designs to make the most beautiful Christmas ornament(s). Both Susie and I have been waiting anxiously for this order to arrive so we could start on our ornament projects.

Elaine Woodhouse, friend and regular teacher at Art 'n Soul who resides in West Seattle, has a special event and class this Saturday, Dec. 11, from 1:00 to 3:00 in the afternoon . . . a traditional authentic British Cream Tea featuring homemade scones, cream and jam served on fine china befitting a royal get-together; Clive is even making homemade clotted cream (do we really need to say yummy?!). At the same time, students will have the fun of making matching cards and tags for the holiday season using Elaine's well-known embossing with metal techniques.

close-up view of one of the cards and matching tag

how special would you feel receiving a gift with this embossed metal tag OR
receiving this Christmas ccard . . . both worthy of framing for display after
the holiday season!

Elaine needs 3 more people to sign up for this class in order to keep it on the schedule; we have 7 students signed up and if we are not able to sign up 3 more students by Wednesday, Elaine says she will have to cancel the class because of all of the preparations involved . . . British Cream Tea and class kits. So please . . . if you have intended to sign up for the class and 'forgot' . . . call the store NOW at 360.357.6820.

Later note:  unfortunately, the class was cancelled! -- 12/9/2010

Knowing Susie's penchant for birds, Helene of Magenta made this bird as a Christmas gift for Susie. The bird is called "USA Bird."

Why 'USA Bird'? It was made while she was on a brief hiatus in Mexico with her husband, Daniel. She cleverly made USA Bird from the newspaper USA Today! Helene always has been so clever in what she finds to make art with . . . remember her toilet-paper roll book?

Julie Foster from Montesano stopped by the store looking for ribbons and papers to finish her Advent Calendar; she's purchased papers and ribbons from other area stores and we're so happy Julie included Art 'n Soul in her search.

To say we were 'blown away' with her magical holiday project is an understatement. The paper is from Teresa Collins' holiday paper collection. She then punched out on 3 sides of the square date numbers. After mounting the paper to a larger piece of foam board, she cut out a square/rectangle for each of the date numbers on the paper; you can well understand why Julie said this was the most difficult part of the project.

a work in progress by Julie F. from Montesano

On another sheet of chipboard, Julie mounted background holiday paper that will be seen when a 'door' is opened. She has ribbon trims yet to do. All of this then will be placed in an antique frame. Pretty awesome! and from something so simple as one piece of scrapbook paper from the Teresa Collins' collection.

By the way, the new year will bring a project or two from Teresa Collins' products.

At the same time, Wanda McWilliams from Lacey came in to show us the journals she's been working on. Not only has she created some wonderful pages for us to enjoy and admire, she has also written poetry.

Here are pics from her first journal . . .

Here she's used Graphic 45's Romantique collection and placed
yellow cellophane over the woman's face to 'age' the look.

I loved the page combination of these two pages using another paper line from Graphic 45 . . .

This eye mask is made from the same paper on the opposing page.

 . . . carrying the theme of her words into the design of the two pages.


 This one appears to have a musical theme to it . . .

great title, don't you think?

love this!

clever how she 'nailed' the sign to the wood!

Take saran wrap, crinkle up and dip into wet pink paint and blot on entire sheet.
After that has dried, take a clean piece of saran wrap, crinkle up and dip into gold metallic paint, and paint on sheet over the pink. Then she stamped the Magenta floral stamp image and added the peel-off hearts.
 We've encouraged Wanda to join the Art 'n Soul Journal Club gathering on the 2nd Friday of each month from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. She says she'll be there . . .

We are so thrilled when our customers bring into the store the projects they're working on, and for allowing us to showcase their work on our blog. We hope their creativity inspires you, and you'll also bring your work to the store to share with the staff and customers!

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