Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mosaic, Anyone?

Susie and Marj took part in a play day at Seattle Mosaic Arts, with Helene Metivier and her husband Daniel, on Friday afternoon. This was Helene's second visit to the art studio in the Wallingford District of Seattle and Susie's 3rd visit. Daniel and Marj were the new students. All 4 of their projects were unique and very nicely done.

Helene Metivier of Magenta at her work station.

Helene's tile mosaic that will be grouted in black.

Daniel's "dragon" masterpiece.

Susie's mosaic mirror!

My apologies to Marj; I don't know what happened to the pic I took of her class mosiac project.

Here's everyone with their camera . . .taking photos!

I met up with them around 5:30'ish and they were still working on their treasures; Daniel was picking out grouting colors for his dragon mosaic. We then walked a few paces to the cutest Italian ristorante next door, Bizarro's.

The next time you find yourself in Wallingford, be sure to check this funky little restaurant out. It was packed with the 'normal customers last night.

I will be working at the store tomorrow afternoon. Coming with me to the store:  a) 48# vellum; b) red Star Dream paper with gold flecks; and smooth purple silk paper with matching envelopes. The SEI paper order was also delivered this morning, and I'll be opening that box tomorrow at the store, too.

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