Monday, December 20, 2010

More from Milan . . .

Bakery items . . . look at the detail of this pastry art!

The mimes were one of the first sightings this morning. The gentleman below would quietly whistle at the ladies walking by. I walked up to take his picture, he posed, and then winked at me. I walked away and Tom said I was supposed to put some money in his bowl. I went back, dropped a euro in the EMPTY bowl, and he took my hand and kissed it. What a flirt!

This is a Christmas tree in the Duomo Plaza, surrounded
by Tiffany's Christmas store. What's funny about the
tree is the tree-top broke off while they were putting
it up and so they "attached" it back, thus the crooked top!

I'll have to wait for another posting to show you the nighttime photo of The Duomo. It is the 3rd largest Duomo in the world, construction beginning in 1386, consecrated in 1418, and wasn't finished until the 19th century under then Crowned King of Italy, Napolean.

The roof spires are many, and the oldest one dates from 1404. The tallest spire holds the Madonnini, a statue of The Madonna which was placed in 1774. If the weather holds tomorrow, we're going to attempt to make the Roof Terrace of the Duomo because the view of the city is supposed to be unforgettable.

This appears to have an entombed body.

Floor tiles inside The Duomo

Looking toward the presbytery

One of 5 main doors at the front of The Duomo

In an area of 7-8 square blocks, also known as the Historic Centre, contains all of the design coutuore shops in Milan. It's quite a stroll. The people walking along these streets are just as fascinating as the shop windows themselves.

via Montenapoleone
The most famous street in the Quadrilateral where the leading
fashion designers are located.

We love "door" pics.

The Archi di Porta Nuova
One of 2 surviving city gates from the medieval wall system;
construction began in 1171.

Part of the Castello Sforzesco (inside courtyard),
Initially part of the palace of Visconti in 1368,
complete with surrounding moat.

More from inside the Castle

Streets within the Quadrilateral . . . these lanterns turn different colors and you'll see the vivid colors in the night photos.

Another shopping street filled with
street vendors

Now they're blue, then green, then purple, then . . .

. . . red! You don't know how long we stood
there to get the shot of the red color.

All part of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
Cafes, shops, restaurants. The blue glass dome
is spectacular!

More from the street market going toward
The Duomo.

Entrance to the Galleria

From this spot inside the Castle's courtyard, you can look toward a large park which has another archway. This sight line continues to The Duomo from the other direction (behind us in the photo). Very awesome.

The main department store in Italy is  La Rinascente, the Italian version of Bloomingdale's in New York City. For the holidays, the outside of the store is dressed in multiple strands of clear lights that resembles a diamond-studded wall, and there are separate clear lights that 'drip' down in continous movements from the top of the wall.

You see the store from a distance . . .

and here it is up closer. The night before, we saw a
trolley car all lit up just like this.

Window displays. . .

I couldn't resist taking a picture of this massive-sized snowflake made from what appeared to be paper.

The Origami Cave

A winged-heart made with sprockets, etc.

A closer view

I had to take a picture of this mosaic for my
good traveling partners, Helene Metivier & Susie Tracy.

That's it for now. A lot to see and a lot to be inspired by.

Buon Natale!

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