Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hanko Order is in! and so are the templates!

New washi papers, re-stock of the silk papers, et al., are here from Hanko! Come on in!

The templates that we used at Lisa Lee's Inchie Class earlier this month arrived. If you didn't pre-order any, you might want to get to the store asap to purchase the extra ones we ordered.

More from Milan after I've slept a little more. The bed was so comfy, and we were snuggled in because there is no central heating and I goofed up the wall heater so it was putting out air conditioning! instead of heat. Luckily, they helped Tom understand how to work the system this morning. I think I slept about 11-1/2 hours.

Giordana fixed us a wonderful lunch of monk fish, pasta with smoked salmon, another seafood similar to octupus with penne and fresh tomato sauce, and a yummy ricotta cake dessert. We celebrated today because Tom's daughter, Kristen, passed the Italian written driving test which is a big deal and very important. We're going into the Town Centre to do a little shopping before dinner this evening. The Bed & Breakfast we're in is so charming. This is what I posted on my Facebook:

Go to and see the pics. Be sure to click on the English flag so you can read the descriptions. Under 'general', we are the first bedroom they show; it's huge! The pic of table w/white frames shows the entry hall to our room on right; the living room is across the hall from our bedroom.

Tomorrow night, Christmas Eve, everyone gathers in the Town Centre at 10 p.m. for a fireworks show and music, and then we go to Midnight Mass.


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