Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dinner in Ravenna

A rather relaxing day . . . afternoon siesta, a little early evening shopping on our walk to the ristorante for dinner at 8'ish. The walk to and from was fun . . . we could see the Christmas lights hanging from above.

Christmas Tree in the Town Square

Small cathedral we pass along the way

what may look like a pedestrian walkway is
an actual street for cars

The restaurant we dined was down an embankment
to the right going under the lights

We dined at Alexander's. It used to be a very small cinema that showed porn movies and I believe the entrance was somewhat hidden. Now, it is a lovely dining room with an upstairs balcony.

At Alexander's

More pics to post after I sleep. It is taking far too long to download these photos . . . I think the internet is on siesta too!

Buono sera!

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