Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Journal Club "Finds"

Judy Daugherty, our 'fearlesss' Journal Club founder, has been churning out art journals. Her latest one that I viewed at last month's club gathering was a 'must photo' opportunity.

This is one of the large flowers on the embossed
SEI paper from late summer. Judy added gold and copper
leafing to the petals.

Notice the Magenta paper in the upper left corner;
who would have thought that the flower blossom
could be cut out and stand on its own in a layout.

Notice that same SEI paper that she has cut out
and used in the backgrounnd.

Judy is able to take a picture from many sources and draw the photo's features onto the journal page herself, unlike the rest of us who must rely on the stamped image for entries into the journal.

A couple more club members who worked on their journals . . .

a close-up of one of the pages

Someone's decorative pin that we photo'd at the club meeting. I'm sorry I'm unable to come up with the owner's name . . . I am having a serious CRS moment. Please let me know who you are so I can correct my CRS! Thanks!

Tomorrow is another day . . . whoops! It's aleady here . . . come and see us, please!

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