Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Peeling Off Pretty -- Thanks, Everyone!

My personal thanks to everyone who attended tonight's Peeling Off Pretty class, especially for understanding my "disjointed" approach at times. Your creativity and varying designs from the sample card were gorgeous. Isn't it fun to see how creative you can be with the Magenta Peel-Off's . . . it can become quite addictive. If you want specific peel-off designs, stop in the store and place your order from the Magenta catalog so they're on the next re-order list. Marj mentioned that she didn't know if she could use a "naked" peel-off again!

Remember "students", you can still receive the 10% "after class discount" on purchases anytime tomorrow (Thursday, July 21).

Terry, Ellen and Myrna . . . I have one more card set for you to pick up at the store that was left undone. I'll be at the store tomorrow all day and can explain it to you; it's very easy. My desktop computer wasn't cooperating to send a copy of the sample to my laptop, so I will have to send it to you after tomorrow's workday.

Here are the card samples for the birdcage card and the butterfly card.

When placing the birdcage on the blue paper, don't press down the wires of the cage. You will slide the bird inside the wires and then press the wires down.

You may want to color the birds' beaks with an orange coloring of some type, i.e., glaze pen, stardust pen, etc. (I think I used the orange stardust pen that comes out a little dark.)

Use the peel-off circles from the peel-off sheet in each corner.

Don't forget the green rhinestones that go on the wings of the top left butterfly. The yellow pearls are used on each corner of the washi paper.

What's new at the store? Tim Holtz Grunge Board . . . Webster's Pages "Bloomers" (shabby chic fabric blooms in 5 vibrant colors per card -- WP was out of stock but we were able to locate a few sets from one of our distributor companies) . . . a few more Paper Parachute holographic papers.

What's coming to the store? We have just put an order in for more Hanko products, including the 4 NEW washi paper designs they have just introduced. And we have orders in to restock some of the colors in the Tsumugi silk papers, Prismatic papers, glossy papers and metallic papers. May Arts will be sending 2 small orders of ribbon, and now we've just been asked by our "sweet Susie" to find the wired silk ribbons that we find ourselves using with the latest Paper Parachute creations -- I've found them and they'll go on the next order! There are other outstanding orders to be delivered, so please stay tuned!

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