Thursday, March 20, 2014

Many of you know or have seen Judi Watanabe and her husband Rob Bostick, owners of JudiKins. They've always been one of the most popular exhibitors at the Puyallup Stamp Show each spring and have always featured great demos.

Well, guess what! Susie just confirmed yesterday that Judi will be teaching at Art 'n Soul the Monday following the Puyallup Stamp Show.

JudiKins Day at Art 'n Soul
Monday, May 19, 2014
3 classes total by Judi Watanabe -- $30 each
(one of the 3 classes will be held in the evening)
JudiKins Trunk Show
More Information to Follow
Reserve the Date Now!

Are we excited or what! That date has been highlighted on my personal calendar to be at Art 'n Soul . . . how about you? One of the classes will include the mica glaze technique.

Sharon Morrison is a new Artist-in-Residence for IMAGINE Crafts, and she loves to work with glass. And if she doesn't have the actual glass material, she loves "making" glass-like items. She is so amazing. The pieces to this charm bracelet were made with the Pine Wood pieces from IMAGINE Crafts, Ice Resin, StazOn, Gold Embossing Powder, irRESISTible texture spray in Bronze, and Delicata in Golden Glitz.

by Sharon Morrison
Artist-in-Residence for IMAGINE Crafts
Click on this link for the details:

Sharon has been playing around with the Vertigo™ and Pico Embellishments from IMAGINE Crafts too. She shares what she's playing with on our internal FB page for AIRs. When I saw this incredibly beautiful 'play item', I immediately thought of Murano glass from Italy.

by Sharon Morrison
Sharon stamped the fish onto the Vertigo™with StazOn in black. She then painted the fish with the Pico Embellishments; Sharon says if you pipe an outline first, you can then flood inside the lines to give more dimension.

I want to personally thank Sharon for allowing me to share this amazing piece with you since it was only an initial trial attempt. She had the entire AIR team blown away!

Marj has revealed the class samples for her class next month. They're gorgeous! Here's a couple of the card tops you'll be creating; depending upon how the class progresses through the card tops, you will make 4-6.

by Marj Marion for her April 27 Class at Art 'n Soul

by Marj Marion for her April 27 Class at Art 'n Soul
Sunday, April 27, 1:00-4:00pm, STENCILING DELIGHTS, Marj, $30
Marj is bringing back her favorite stenciling classes, so here’s your chance to learn (or refresh) about successful techniques using the beautiful Dreamweaver metal stencils. You will learn the safe and quick way to do raised paper embossing with stencils in the Big Shot, as well as coloring techniques with several types of inks, special shading techniques, and the DW stencil shield! We will focus on the card tops (and layer on accent panels), so you get lots of practice with the special stencil brushes and color blending. The class samples show just some of the stencils we’ll use in class. Enjoy this class with the foundational techniques, and then stay tuned later in the spring or summer for a Stencil Pasting technique class.  Please bring your Basic Kit, and check the student supply list when you register.

From the Studio Sessions' blog, another great way to use the Art Boards from Inchie Arts.

by Elizabeth Allen, Studio Sessions
Click on this link for the details:

The new Magenta order has been checked in, priced and partially put out on the tables and shelves. It was a huge order and it took Patti, Marj and myself to work through it all. Here's some of the stamps available if you had not placed a pre-order.

These are not all of them . . . you must come see for yourself. And remember, the earlier you're looking the better the selection!

With every Magenta order, they always send sample card tops to inspire you. These are the card tops sent to us .  .  .

by Valerie Dumas for Magenta
Magenta Stamps:  L0670 and 07845G

by Helene Metivier for Magenta
Magenta Stamps:  07815I, 48011L; 42203N; N0677

by Helene Metivier for Magenta
Magenta Stamps:  N0677; G0675; 07813F

by Helene Metivier for Magenta
Magenta Stamps:  N0677; M0676; 07842G

It was a beautiful afternoon today and I'm looking forward to another beautiful day tomorrow. To make the day even more beautiful, Susie and I hope you'll join us at the store tomorrow for Sidewalk Crack Art. Join in anytime after 10:30 a.m.

  • Mixed Media Paper
  • Pencil
  • Art Eraser
  • Micron Pen
  • Coloring Supplies, i.e., colored pencils, Copic markers, Tombow markers, etc.
  • Light Box (if you have one)
OR bring whatever you want to personally work on and join others to 'play'

Today was the first day of spring, and I almost wet my plants! Patti saw this comment and we all think it's quite clever!

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