Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Storage for Judy's Colored Pencils

At Journal Club last Friday, Judy showed us her new storage bin for her colored pencils and other artistic tools that she frequently uses.

This is it!

She has divided her pencils into
different color groups in 3 of the drawers.
Judy has put her scissors, glues, white pencils,
and other tools in the back slot.

On the top, she has stored her micron pens, colored pencil eraser,
and other specialty pens.

She's easily putting the unit into her tote bag.

See how compactly it fits?'
It's ready to sit with her wherever Judy chooses to
work on her latest art project . . . 'on the go' or at her work table.

I asked where she found this treasure . . . at Safeway, of all places! I went to the Safeway Store off of Martin Way and there it was! Only $8.99!

Good find, Judy! and thanks for sharing!

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