Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Gamasol Arrived & Art 'n Soul's Journal Club

The Gamasol kits arrived yesterday . . . the coolest blending solution for colored pencils. And the Memory Box order came in with more of their new dies; unfortunately, we still have to wait for more to arrive because they are extremely overwhelmed with their orders right now and a little behind on filling orders.

Here's the Art 'n Soul Journal Club players from last Friday; we are missing Kathy Peterson who arrived early and had to leave early. We'll catch her next time because I want you to see the cool 'paper' she's using for her journals as well as her journaling suitcase!

From l-r:  Midge, Ava, Carla, Judy, Sam & Gloria

And here's what they've been working on . . .

Midge was challenged by Carla to make a journal from a
children's book, like the ones we buy at the Dollar Store and
alter to make a book of some type. I think Midge rose to
the challenge quite nicely!

Here's Carla's mix of journals . . .

Carla's answer to her own challenge to Midge. 

With this journal, Carla thinks she's finally found where she wants
to go with her journaling artistry. Her journals go with her all of the
time, recording her traveling adventures.

Carla introduced us all to her new portable thermal mini printer from Polaroid. No inks are involved; it's all done on the special paper. It now goes with her when she's traveling, and she can print her pics out wherever she is and the pic size is perfect for her journaling (as you've seen already); the papers are adhesive-backed for convenience. We were quite interested in how easy this little whiz works.

See how perfect the pic sizes are?

Judy taught Ava and Gloria how to make her pocket book. What a fun time they had!

The paper selection for Ava's book cover is gorgeous;
she's ready to put her book together and start embellishing! 

I told Gloria her cover paper (see below) was always
a favorite paper of mine from Magenta.

And here's Judy's project using the Sweet Threads paper from Basic Grey . . .

Here's Sam's old vintage suitcase she's using for her journaling endeavors. Who would have thought what we used to look at as "really old and ugly" in our very younger days would be such a sought-after vintage treasure today. Sam's broken finger is progressing but it really interferes with her crafting! However, it doesn't diminish any of her 'go-get-'em' spirit and drive.

Judy shared some more of her books to show how she's embellishing them. She makes up several of these easy-to-fold books so she always has one ready to work with.

In this book, Judy cut out images and placed them on the inside
fold of her book to give added dimension and interest. Each
pocket has an extra-large tag that she has also embellished.

Judy took some of the flowers from the floral
design and individually cut them out and placed
them back on with foam-mount tape. The borders
were done with Magenta peel-offs. And did you see
how she used the small peel-off circles around
each of the flower centers?

In this book, Judy used a variety of techniques to color and embellish, i.e., colored pencils, Pan Pastels, glossy accents, cut-outs, stamps.

In this book, Judy cut out some of the individual diamond patterns and mounted them with foam tape for added dimension. The Magenta peel-offs go well with the Graphic 45 papers, eh?

 "Inspiration usually comes during work, rather than before it."

Madeleine L'Engle, American writer

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