Monday, March 28, 2011

Cindy's Photos of the Steampunk Journal for Class Students

Here are Cindy's photos of her embellished pages in the Steampunk Journal. They are not necessarily in order. If you have any questions about these pages, please email the store at (to the attention of Cindy Sharp); or call the store at 360.357.6820.

I apologize for the delay in posting these pics; I 'over-did' my weekend activity level and I had to put my 'nose' to rest. Thanks for understanding!

The learning experience was a shared joy. Cindy and I are very appreciative of everyone's participation, and hope that each of you had a good time learning together. Your creativity was a delight to see . . . everyone approached the project with their own ideas, stigmas, and some wonderful advance preparation . . . which is what WE REALLY like to see.

Remember to bring in your 'finished' journal so we can take photos and share them with everyone else. I personally can't wait to see 'your magic'!

It's not shown; the Philosophy Charm is attached above the embossed
word stamp on the underside of the front flap (far right of photo).

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