Sunday, September 20, 2015

Today's INSPIRATION STATION card at Art 'n Soul comes from Pam. Everyone is having a wonderful time finding creative ways to stamp with the Hero Arts "Autumn" clear stamp set (CL882) and the Hero Arts "Autumn Frame Cuts" die set (D1156).

Here is Pam's latest INSPIRATION STATION card . . .

by Pam Nelson

Now, one of the most difficult announcements I've made on this blog. As of October 1, I will have phased my paper and ribbon business known as Bell Carta out of the store. Art 'n Soul will be taking over the paper and ribbon business. I asked Susie back in August to understand why I wanted to bow out of the paper and ribbon business at Art 'n Soul, and she agreed. So far, the transition has moved slowly and smoothly. This week, I will hopefully complete the process of opening vendor accounts for Art 'n Soul with the vendors they have chosen to continue with, and I will work with Dianne and Pam to make sure the account transitions run smoothly. This particular blog will be transitioned to the Art 'n Soul staff as well.

Since the first of the year, I have been re-thinking how I want to re-prioritize what it is that I want to do with my time and energies. The top of the list includes time with my husband, my granddaughters, as well as family and friends that I haven't spent time with on a more regular basis. I am determined to learn the Italian language and I have promised our extended family in Italian I won't return until I've become a beginning conversationalist in their language. And I want to pursue my love for the artistic endeavors that I've been introduced to at Art 'n Soul; I would never have discovered all of this fun if it had not been for the 35-year friendship that I've enjoyed with Susie. I'm hoping this change means more Play Time for me! and who knows what else!

If you're wondering if I am harboring a secret about my health, I am not. It's true that I, too, experience the new aches and pains and frustrations that start to introduce themselves at an older age; it's a rude moment when you think that you're twenty-something and your body is acting like a sixty-something! Rude, I tell you! Yes, I had a rather serious klutzy hit to my head just before Thanksgiving last year and it has morphed into a life with head pain that is fairly-well managed with medication under the direction of the top pain doctor in Washington State; for that, I feel quite lucky.

I have total admiration for the talents, spirit and enthusiasm of the staff at Art 'n Soul, i.e., Dianne, Pam, Marj, Carolyn and Patti. I pray that they will always be my friend and co-conspirator in everything artsy at Art 'n Soul. And I hope many of the wonderful people I've met and come to know at Art 'n Soul will remain good friends and acquaintances. I am not disappearing from Art 'n Soul at all. I fully intend to be a frequent shopper and frequent student at the many terrific classes that Art 'n Soul offers. And I will always recommend Art 'n Soul as the best-kept secret store in Western Washington that offers the best in everything that is fine art rubber stamping.

The past 7 years have been a joyful ride that I would never have thought possible when I was first introduced to rubber stamping at Art 'n Soul. It's only because Catherine Woodard moved onto an outstanding opportunity using her law enforcement background that I was able to buy her paper/ribbon business; and it was because Susie was excited for me to do just that and become an official part of the Art 'n Soul business. It's not good-bye . . . it's auf wiedersehen! as of October 1.

On the Magenta blog, Miranda has made the most beautiful card with one of the newest design releases from Magenta. Need I say that the Bohemian Stamp will be on my pink sheet tomorrow?

by Miranda Degenaars, Design Team Magenta

Click on this link for the details on the blog:

That's all I have tonight. Yesterday was quite a busy day, including two round trips to Olympia because Hannah had a grooming appointment that took approximately 4-1/2 hours. I started some prep work last night and then finished 2 big salads (Betty's Potato Salad & Dunkley's Macaroni Salad) for my great-granddaughter's 2nd birthday party at a local park today. It's all caught up with me!

Pam will be at Art 'n Soul all day tomorrow and would love to help you find what you need for your latest project, or what you'll need to purchase to create your own September INSPIRATION STATION cards!

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