Thursday, August 13, 2015

This Saturday, Marj is leading Art 'n Soul's Play Day featuring Embossing Pastes from Dreamweaver Stencils and Creative Medium from IMAGINE Crafts. Marj will be at the store from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

I made a stencil from a die with the
Matte Stencil Film, and then used
it with the Creative Medium.

There will be a variety of pastes, stencils and supplies for sale at Play Day, and read below for items that will be helpful for you to bring. You don’t have to have everything, and Marj will share a bit, but please bring what you have on the list. The Art ‘n Soul PlayDays are a wonderful way to explore new products, re-fresh your memory on products you already have, and learn a lot......for free!

Please bring a few of the items you have on this SUPPLY LIST: Creative Medium,
Dreamweaver Pastes, palette knives or paste spreaders, removable scotch tape, Elizabeth Craft glitters, baby wipes, a few metal or plastic stencils, card stock and/or watercolor card stock, and any additional art supplies you’d like to use (maybe a few ink daubers, inks, and stamps to add images, etc.). You may want your Basic Kit also.  It’s fun to participate in the PlayDay, or just stop by to watch what’s going on.

Marj has extensive experience and skill in using embossing pastes with stencils; she has stepped in as an instructor and demonstrator for Dreamweaver Stencils in years past. Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from Marj because she has plenty of tips and techniques to share with you!

On the Memory Box blog, there are great inspirations for cards using their new dies in different ways.

by Deborah Nolan for Memory Box
Click on this link for the details:

by Anne Thompson for Memory Box
by Anne Thompson for Memory Box
by Anne Thompson for Memory Box
Click on this link for the details:

I've resumed my Hasty Lace fun. While waiting at the vet clinic for Hannah's tests the other day, I finished what I had started the night before and completed another one. Both use 2 different design templates. The one shown in 2 photos was an 'innie and outie' design, i.e., the frame design was one side of the vellum sheet, and the other photo is the same one from the reverse side that emphasizes the snowflake inside the frame.

This is the design I started and finished at the vet's waiting room. I didn't do an 'innie and outie' because I forgot to turn the paper over before starting on the second template. Duh! I still think it's a keeper.

Have a few minutes and you need to relax and unwind? I highly recommend getting out your Hasty Lace templates and get started! Short on templates or supplies? Stop in at Art 'n Soul for both!

Along with other ANS customers, I belong to the RubberMoon Mail Club. It is quite fun and you're part of a very caring and artsy group. This is my "Moon Mail" swap for last month . . . it's made with watercolor card stock, Nuance from Magenta, a little zendoodling (for the hair), StazOn ink, Studio Glaze, embellishments and RubberMoon stamps. They wanted to use an ATC-sized card and all I had was this Stampboard.

Go to this link if you're interested in joining the RubberMoon Mail Club . . . and click on the appropriate link from the website.

On the Penny Black blog, Peet Roeven continues to amaze me. I just love this holiday card that is featured.

by Peet Roeven for Penny Black
Click on this link to go to Peet's blog and the details:

In case you're curious, Peet has used glitter paper for the die cuts and background panel.

On the Magenta blog, Sherry Jackson is having fun with Magenta's Nuance.

by Sherry Jackson, Design Team Magenta

Click on this link for Sherry's posting and the details:

While playing with Magenta's Nuance, Helene has made a couple of swatch pages in her color journal that might be very helpful to you.

You might want to make a color journal of your own. Click on this link to see how Helene made these swatches and why she thought they were important:

That's all for now. Thanks for understanding why I wasn't able to post before tonight . . . my head doesn't seem to always understand my work schedule and is totally disagreeable.

I tried to get to the doctor's appointment this morning but a
major accident on I-5 northbound caused a 3-hour commute into
downtown Seattle; thus, I had to turn around and reschedule.
While driving across an old bridge over the Puyallup River, a
very popular fishing river, I quickly took this snapshot to show
the abundance of fishermen. All of those little dots at the top
of the photo represent fishermen in a line waiting to snap the
prize fish of the day. While driving along the river, I even passed a
young lad, about 10 years old, who was dressed in his chest-high
waders with a fishing pole in hand riding his bicycle to his fishing spot.

And wouldn't we love to see this sunset in person  . . . 

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