Friday, April 17, 2015

Very quickly . . . today at Art 'n Soul's Play Day, Marj is showing how to use stamps that you just couldn't figure out 'what to do' with. Sometimes, we purchase stamps and then when there is time to actually play with them, we've lost the original inspiration and cannot think how it might work into your card or project design.

And while you're at Art 'n Soul today, there is a special 30% discount on commemorative and collectible Magenta stamps. 

  • Remember the Cat-of-the-Month stamps . . . once their one-year anniversary came up, the plates were destroyed (unlike Magenta's policy to retain all plates).
  • Remember the horrific tsunami that hit the region of Tohoku in Japan in March 2011? It wiped out the coastal town where the Fukushima nuclear power plant stood and caused untold deaths, injuries, radiation health issues, etc. Our dear friend, Etsumi Ogino from Japan who we met through Helene Metivier of Magenta, was raising money to help with the orphaned animals. Magenta designed two commemorative stamps to help raise money. Art 'n Soul was a primary outlet for the sale of these special stamps and contributed to the fund as well from the sale of those stamps.

Please stop in and see what's going on and purchase any of these commemorative and collectible Magenta stamps at the 30% discount that is only good today!

I'll be back later today.

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