Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dianne has provided a terrific "Technique of the Week" tip in the Art 'n Soul weekly email . . . Stamp Kissing. She also posted the tip on her blog as well. Check it all out . . . and find some of your solid stamps!

by Dianne Johnson

Click on this link to Dianne's blog for technique instruction and to see the card Dianne created . . .

I would have more for this posting but the last 24 hours have not been the best . . . a headache all through the night, spinning vertigo this morning (first time since the concussion), and off and on pressure through the day. So I've been sitting on the sofa most of the afternoon, napped through the early evening, and now I'm off to bed. Just didn't want you to think I'm slacking off when I said I'd have another posting tonight. I'll keep my fingers crossed for a better tomorrow! Your tomorrow will be better at Art 'n Soul . . . we're open from 12 to 5 and Dianne will be there all day!

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