Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Play Day at Art 'n Soul today was the best! What a way to start the week and what a way to spend a Monday.

This shows the fun that Susie had with her brayer and stamps. A couple of her secrets:  a) being very generous with the Mica Gloss; and b) always using the black gloss card stock from JudiKins.

After Susie has blended the mica gloss colors
 on a piece of card stock that she can also
use later, she uses it as a palette to stamp from.

Here is Susie stamping the image onto another piece
of card stock from JudiKins, a matte finish KromeKote.

From this palette . . .

with a stamp . . .

and the addition of another stamp!

Susie also brought in some cards she had made earlier from snippets of background designs she had made with Mica Gloss. She supports the theory that if you don't like what you see, just use portions of the card. You should never need to waste a piece of card stock because you can use it in its entirety, use a portion of it, or start all over again on top of what you don't like!

by Susie Tracy

by Susie Tracy

by Susie Tracy

by Susie Tracy

Helen Stavely tried a few ideas. I loved this . . . it reminded me of the Sahara Desert. When I looked at it again, it reminded me of Sedona, Arizona.

Helen created her own palette and
stamped with this Magenta stamp that
is one of our favorites!

Someone else used this same Magenta stamp and inked it with the palette she created . . . unfortunately, I didn't ask her name!

These are by Corrie Grant . . .

And these are by Deanna Mitchell . . .

These are the ones I played with. My approach was to brayer the colors using a modest amount of Mica Gloss, allow them to dry completely (with the help of a heat gun), and then emboss a stamped image on top.

The card on the left is on black KromeKote, and the card on the right uses the white Matte finish KromeKote. VersaMark was used on both cards. JudiKins' Rustique Patina Azure embossing powder was used on the left card; JudiKins' Opaque White embossing powder was used on the right card. I stopped with these because even here the ink wasn't totally dry. So, these will continue to dry and I will emboss images onto them later.

I'll be back tomorrow with pics of some beautiful cards I saw at the store today. See you then! In the meantime, promise yourself a play time with Mica Gloss from JudiKins! There are no limits to what you might do . . . and enjoy!

Our appreciation to everyone who stopped in for Play Day, and to JudiKins for supplying the KromeKote card stock we all used.

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