Monday, November 10, 2014

I must be getting older. Time is passing faster than I can keep up with it. It seems like it takes me 2-3 times longer to accomplish something that used to take a nano-second. And my tolerance for heat and the sun has somewhat diminished. Not that I'm complaining about the sun and warmth here in Surprise, Arizona.

Stendoodling™has been on my mind, as well as zendoodling. I brought a mixed media art journal with me, as well as my Micron pens and Copic markers. Here's what tonight's efforts brought . . .

by Debbie Gaetz
If you haven't signed up for Lisa Lee's Stendoodling™ class at Art 'n Soul on Saturday, December 13, you'll want to. Stendoodling™ is so much fun and easy to do after you've learned the techniques involved.

This is what I have started, so please consider this a 'work-in-progress'.

by Debbie Gaez

That's all I have for tonight. 


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    1. Thank you Renee. I consider that quite a compliment coming from such an amazing artist as you! hope to see you soon!