Friday, January 3, 2014

Tomorrow's Recycled Rubber Sale at Art 'n Soul is the perfect way to spend the first Saturday or Sunday of 2014! One of our customer friends really cleaned out her stamp collections this last month . . . just sayin'! It all starts at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.

While you're at the store, you must take a look at Patti's beautiful magic at the store . . . she fashionably re-designed our front table and it's quite a feast for the eyes as well as the artful and creative soul!

And did anyone notice that darling banner on the table? Hey, Patti! Thanks for the beautiful display and the inspiring banner art!

Another way to start the new year is to sign up for Marj's class . . . look at this beautiful 'sampling'! Note that the colors in this card are the colors used for all of the cards and secret project . . .  red, deep red or burgundy, black and white.

by Marj Marion for "Love and Friendship" Class
Sunday, January 19, at Art 'n Soul
Love and Friendship by Marj Marion
Sunday, January 19, 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. - $32

The New Year is off to a fast start and February is creeping up quickly Whether you send Valentine's Day cards or just want to make some special friendship cards, Marj has some fun, artistic cards to offer in this class (nothing too mushy!). What's not to "love"? The class will include die cutting, stamping, washi tape, clever compositions, embossing folders, intriguing folds, and a fun projects with the Envelope Punch Board. (It's a secret project, so you have to take the class to find out!). AND, it might involve a little chocolate! Bring your basic kit, your Envelope Punch Board if you have one (not required), and a small trimmer.

The class is filling up but Marj is willing to schedule a second class if the demand warrants it. Be the first to call because the last I heard, there was one spot left in this scheduled class!

The first Play Day of the year at Art 'n Soul (Friday, January 17) is going to offer background designs for your cards. Of course, if you have other projects or techniques you want to play around with, please feel free to join in the fun of 'playing' with others to share the creative and artistic efforts of like-minded folks!

From the Memory Box blog, a beautiful card featuring a new die from their new release. I can't wait for the Art 'n Soul order to come in! Go to these links to the Memory Box blog and/or Pam's blog . . . Memory Box Blog and Pam's blog includes a video on making the card.

by Pam Sparks for Memory Box
Oh WOW!  Are you ready?  Pam here... just couldn't wait to show you some NEW dies and a NEW stencil from Memory Box!  Wouldn't you know... I lost my internet connection for part of the morning... panic! lol 
Next week will be the 'official' Blog Blitz for this 'Creative Elegance' 2014 Papercraft Collection.  In the meantime, I just had to show you something!  If you're anything like me... I want to see ideas...what the NEW looks like! 
by Pam Sparks for Memory Box
Gorgeous, gorgeous dies!  I used Delightful Peony Outline, Delightful Peony Background, Eva Stem and Happy Birthday Extravaganza on this card.  It's an A-7 size.
by Pam Sparks for Memory Box
I just had to get a new stencil 'inky' too!  I love grids... I don't know why, but this is the first one I picked... who knows why!  Good thing we don't have to explain why we love to make cards, right?!
The stencil I used is called Mesh.  I inked it up with three colors of Distress inks.
Here I am in snow covered Iowa 'thinking Spring'!  It'll be here before we know it!
Happy 2014 and happy card making!  TFL!"

For Christmas, I was blown away with a holiday surprise from my good friend, Sam Lee. She has been wood carving as you might remember from a previous blog post. Sam surprised me with the most beautiful ornament for my Christmas tree . . . a wood carved Santa.
by Sam Lee

by Sam Lee

by Sam Lee
Thank you, Sam, for the best of the Christmas season . . . your friendship and thoughtfulness exemplified in the beautiful artistry of the Christmas Santa made by you! This treasure from you will be on my Christmas tree every year!

Our 2013 year at Art 'n Soul ended on a very high and special note. We earned Magenta's prestigious "Retailer of the Year' Award again. Promoting and selling the quality stamps and other products from Magenta is something we've always been proud to do at Art 'n Soul. And we are always so very happy when Helene Metivier of Magenta comes to Art 'n Soul to teach her wonderfully artistic classes!
Dianne Johnson (l), Design Team Magenta
surprises Susie Tracy, owner of Art 'n Soul, with
Magenta's 2013 Retailer of the Year Award

It's going to be a great new year at Art 'n Soul . . . we can't wait to see you, especially this weekend for Recycled Rubber!

I promise to be a little more diligent about posting on the blog. This last week has been more challenging than I wanted it to be; I am on the mend but my system is still re-learning how to eat again . . . like I thought that would ever be a problem -- not!

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  1. Congratulations Diane Johnson in winning the Magenta 2013 Retailer of the year award! I knew right away this store was extra special. I'm excited to learn all the wonderful art products and teachings in the year to come Love & Hugs … Robin Ann.