Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dianne has posted a fabulous 'inside card design' on her blog, "Backporch" . . . go to this link to see what she did! If this is the inside, I'd love to see the front outside cover.

by Dianne Johnson

One of the new Memory Box dies has become a quick 'favorite' of Marj's. Check this card sample she just made . . .

by Marj Marion
Marj has discovered that there are a variety of reasons to love this die set . . . you will enjoy the positive and the negative, giving you 2 sets of letters when you cut. Some people might cut the letter tags apart but Marj thinks she'll keep the set together because as she cuts, she can build a set of letters, with and without the tag shape.

Memory Box Die:  MB98817 -- $32.25
It's not to late to order this die at Art 'n Soul while Memory Box is still on 'open catalog' status. If you can't make it in, you're welcome to call the store to place your order . . . 360.357.6820.

Speaking of Marj, she has a quick message to convey to everyone!
"It still seems like the New Year just started! I would like to thank all my Art 'n Soul friends who supported my classes last year. Your loyalty and enthusiastic participation continues to be humbling, and appreciated so much! A sincere word of thanks [to] the staff for their help in facilitating my class registrations; and to Susie, for the opportunity to teach at
such a wonderful store!"
Hey Marj! We owe you a huge 'thanks' for everything you do to help Art 'n Soul, and for the wonderfully creative and educational classes you bring to the store!

More info on IMAGINE Crafts' irRESISTible . . . click on this link to see the video on how it works. Think colored 'Goosebumps!" in all the Memento colors and something you can draw or write with . . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nH11DaXMOO4&feature=c4-overview&list=UUyJWsilPhePUkz5C5C9FSxg

"Splashes of textured color with irRESISTible Texture Spray & irRESISTible Pico Embellisher. Our new irRESISTible adds both texture and vibrant, fade-resistant color to porous and non-porous surfaces.

  • The irRESISTible Texture Spray creates fine -- almost stipple -- effects when sprayed from greater distances and creates a more opaque coat when sprayed closer up
  • The irRESISTible Pico Embellisher comes in a fine-tipped applicator for writing, doodling and other embellishing. A non-clog feature is built right into the cap.
  • Offered in colors complementary to the Memento ink line; mix colors for your own custom hues
  • Use with water for a unique watercolor effect, or with dye and pigment inks for a high-impact resist effect"

Yesterday's class with Marj, "Love and Friendship", was wonderful. As always happens, we learned so many techniques and tips from Marj, including a couple of new tools. The Speedball "Baren" is a great tool for pressing down large stamped images and would be a fabulous tool with Gelli Art plates. Inkadinkado's "large clear block" is another helpful tool when using large stamped images. Take a look . . .

the Speedball "Baren" . . . $11.25 each
(kind of looks like a hamburger press, doesn't it? lol!)

the Inkadinkado "large clear block" . . . $7.25 each
Press your large foam-mount cling stamp onto the block, apply
your ink, place the paper on top of the stamp, and press with
the Baren from Speedball.

These are the cards we made in the class . . .

by Marj Marion
(below is the inside pop up fold)

One of the students, Trish Largen, decided to make her own version of this card that we really liked!

by Trish Largen 

by Marj Marion

by Marj Marion
Art Square from Inchie Arts, Washi Tapes
& Memory Box Die (Winterberry Sprig 98732)
here's a way to reverse what we did . . . peel away
the washi tape around the die cut impression! instead of peeling
away just the die cut impression and leaving the washi tape strips
intact. fabulous idea!

We were told Marj would have a 'surprise' project to make with the W R Memory Keepers' Envelope Punch Board. Marj gave us instructions to make a candy bar gift box with a 6.5x6.5 square piece of paper and the candy bar!

by Marj Marion

Marj recommends that you 'google' Envelope Punch Board Candy Bar Box for the directions.

I'll leave you with this 'very truthful' poem that Patti Ritterhouse shared. I think you'll be able to relate!

I'll see you tomorrow! Keep dreaming about all of the wonderful 'art' you can make and the fun you have at Art 'n Soul!

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