Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lisa Lee from Inchie Arts is returning to Art 'n Soul to teach a fabulous gift box class. Sign up now . . . you'll be very proud to put your special holiday gift in one of these beautiful boxes.
by Lisa Lee, Inchie Arts, for Art 'n Soul Class on November 11

Saturday, November 11, 2012 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Transform jewelry size gift boxes into something spectacular by embellishing with stamped and colored Inchie Art Squares. Each box will feature a holiday themed image and bling! Use for those special holiday gifts or to keep for yourself as a place to hold little treasures. We will make 3-4 boxes. Please bring your Basic Kit. (Note: If this class fills, we will offer a second class from 2-4 on the same day.)

Another fabulous holiday gift is a Magenta gift box of 10 notecards using beautiful stamp designs from Magenta and various art mediums for the notecard box itself. Based on a similar class taught by Helene from Magenta last year, you'll love making this gift box and notecards when you sign up for Susie's class on November 18. Sign up now because the number of sets are limited.

Sunday, November 18, 1:00-4:00pm, Susie – NOTECARD GIFT SET $32
Many customers have wanted a class to create the Magenta gift box, with 10 cards and envelopes decorated to insert in the box. What a tremendous gift you can create for a friend. Please see the samples available at the store — but there are endless possibilities for the cards. You will select the outside paper by either bringing your own 12 x 12 sheet, or you may use what is available at the store. Please bring any Copic markers you may have, as well as your basic class kit. Susie will provide colored pencils.

These pics are from a gift set that Susie made shortly after Helene's class

by Susie Tracy
The folding stationery box for the cards & envelopes. 

And these are a sampling of the cards that fit into the stationery box holder; the gift box set is complete with the text-weight cards cut to size in order to fit inside the box holder with matching envelopes.

We went to Gnocco Fritto's in Milan for dinner; it's the only restaurant on my request list for this trip. They 'invented' the gnocco fritto . . . bread dough that has been deep-fried into 'pillows' and you eat them with assorted cold-cuts, cheeses, spreads and condiments.

these are the baskets of 'pillows'
these are one of 3 platters of assorted meats 
this was one of 3 plates of assorted cheeses

We walked into the Town Center of Milan and back earlier in the day . . . it was a 5-hour leisurely paced afternoon including a very nice pasta lunch. The day was beautiful . . . sunny with a light breeze.
A side street in the Town Center just off the Duomo Plaza

A floral stand back in the neighborhood that I naturally gravitated to!

The fresh seafood market on the neighborhood street sells fish to take home and prepare, as well as cooked fish 'to go' for lunch.

A street vendor had a very clever way to showcase his wares . . . earrings attached to an over-sized umbrella. Portability is always a challenge and I think this one wins the prize!

That's it for tonight. Tomorrow is Cecilia's first birthday and we're going to be very busy. We are going to a big toy store and then to Ikea. We join up with some members of the family visiting from Sweden over lunch. After that, her mom is going to make carrot cake cupcakes from scratch with cream-cheese frosting for Saturday's party in Ravenna. After we pack our bags for the weekend and load up the car with Cecilia's presents, we'll drive to Ravenna after work tomorrow so we're there for a large family dinner at 8 p.m.

Don't forget to stop in at Art 'n Soul . . . we've learned that Spellbinders is releasing some new dies, including some smaller-size sets. You'll want to take a look at the new dies and put your advance order in.

Our "healing" wishes go out to Marilyn Dawson who is recovering from back surgery, and Patti Ritterhouse who is recovering from a different surgery. You're certainly welcome to drop off a card at the store for either friend if you don't have their mailing addresses.

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