Monday, September 17, 2012

Saturday's class with Mary Jo McGraw was so inspiring . . . we're still in the after-glow of the session. We started by painting acrylic paint colors on as many pages as we could. We then looked for a face from a book, brochure, or magazine that was large in size and glued the cut out to our page. After learning what to do with our new cut-out face, Mary Jo also showed us how to draw a face; her tips and 'how to' took a lot of the mystery out and diminished that 'always the same problem' mantra. In both methods, coloring and shading really help the process along!
by Sharon Safka
by Debby Archer

by Cindy Sharp . . . continuing transformation
Mary Jo showed us how to start over in any area . . . note the different mouth

by Charly Stecher

by Alissa Peppley

Mary Jo is showing Laurel Martin's work in progress as
one of the best starting points because now Laurel can start adding color
anywhere and any way that she wants.

Here Mary Jo is showing us
how to do pop-ups in
our journal books.

Mary Jo McGraw is sharing her ideas on how to draw a face

A week ago Sunday, we enjoyed Suzanne Glazier's class making bottle cap pendants. Everyone was able to make at least 6 pendants in any style that suited them. Dianne was so nice to take photos for me to share with you . . .

Technical difficulties prevent me from accessing the
photos and downloading them tonight. Hopefully
Comcast Business Internet Service will fix the glitch
by tomorrow!

Susie had fun making this Inchie card using Lisa Lee's kaleidoscope technique . . .
by Susie Tracy
The stamp is from Magenta.

This is another sample card from Marj Marion . . .
by Marj Marion
Stamp:  Magenta "Blossoms" 37.240.I
Serenity 07.421.E
Color:  Pan Pastels White

From Helene at Magenta . . .

Marqueurs Tombow - Tombow markers

It is really easy and fun to work with Tombow markers on watercolor paper (140 lbs).  I work on the smooth side of the paper, emboss and color with markers and with a wet brush I mix colors within a section, quickly but precisely creating a watercolor effect.
Magenta rubberstamp:  0597.K, 0588.H
Watercolor paper:  140 lbs
Black embossing powder
Magenta rubberstamp:  07.623.G,  0591.P
Watercolor paper:  140 lbs
Black embossing powder

Magenta rubberstamp:  0606.Q
Watercolor paper:  140 lbs
Black embossing powder

Hopefully the Comcast worker-bees will allow me to see my emails tomorrow and continue pulling up the photos Dianne took of the bottle cap pendants. In the meantime, enjoy this beautiful evening and our sunny tomorrow!

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