Wednesday, June 13, 2012

During the sorting, packing, lifting and stacking phases of the house move, my body is reminding me that I'm much older than I think I am. What's fun is reminding my body how much younger I think I am when it comes to having fun at Art 'n Soul. And I was a real 'youngster' on Sunday because there was so much fun going on in Els' three classes.

Here are the necklace pendants we made using Shimmer Sheetz . . . a layer of black card stock covered with Be Creative Tape on both sides, and a layer of Shimmer Sheetz on each side. We fancied up our Shimmer Sheetz however we wanted, i.e., drops of alcohol ink(s) with the blending solution and then die cut. We then used our chosen embossing folder and placed the die cut where we would maximize getting the design where we wanted it. For this particular pendant, we were using the Sizzix Asymmetrical Rectangle die that has been retired. After embossing, some students chose to sand the Shimmer Sheetz and then apply StazOn ink; others only sanded to get the core color of the Shimmer Sheetz to stand out; and others chose to not emboss or sand.

For our first-time efforts, I think these Shimmer Sheetz pendants turned out beautifully. (I hope I was able to assign the correct artists to each of the pendants!)

by Nichole Harper 
by Becky Miltimore 
by Kerri McTarsney 
by Susie Tracy 
by Cathy Kargacin
by Cheryl Roskopf
by Laurel Martin  
by Mary Esperanza 
by Dianne Johnson
Doesn't this want you to make more pendants, or even a pair of earrings? Working with Shimmer Sheetz has resulted in adding many more colors to my StazOn ink pad collection; we have lots of colors at Art 'n Soul and if we don't have the color you want, we can order it for you! Els also showed samples of an oval pendant and the store has the Sizzix die name and number if you'd like to order it.

Els recommends using the Sizzix dies for Shimmer Sheetz because the steel blade actually cuts through the Shimmer Sheetz very nicely.

Here are some more pendants that Els recently made, along with the commentary from her FB posting . . .

by Els for Elizabeth Craft Designs
"Just some pendants that I made with pieces of Shimmer Sheetz that I used for samples and pieces some ladies alcohol inked in class and didn't like and those ones will always turn out good. Have little faith in me ladies:)! You are sorry now:)! One of those is the one in the middle with the red on one side. She thought [it] was a mess?"
" . . . it is black card stock, our Be Creative tape on both sides of the card stock. Alcohol ink a piece of Shimmer Sheetz. Take the release from the tape and stick the Shimmer Sheetz to both sides of the card stock. Die cut the big oval first and then put the big oval on the other die and die cut the smaller two out of the big one. Punch holes for the bail or jumpring. Emboss the pieces separately so you can 'choose' your pattern. Any embossing folder will work for this. Then you take a sanding block and sand the pieces. This will bring out the 'core' of the Shimmer Sheetz and for the Gemstone colors it is silver and that is what I used for most of these pendants. Then you put it together and you are done. Writing this almost takes me longer then to make the pendant. It is really, really easy! Have fun!!"
For these oval pendants, Els used the Sizzix Ovals #3 (657023) and then the Rings Asymmetrical (657025). You can order either or both of these dies from Art 'n Soul . . . come in and order or call us to order (360.357.6820).

And I love this . . .
by Els for Elizabeth Craft Designs
"Didn't have enough time to play today but just altered this pieces of the New Ruby Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz. I used a Sizzix Textured Impressions that is one of my favorites. It is from the set Groovy flowers nr 657815. Just embossed, sanded and rubbed with a green and red StazOn ink pad.
The core of the Ruby Gemstone Shimmer Sheetz is silver."

and this . . .
by Els for Elizabeth Craft Designs
I had trouble taking this picture with the light but I wanted to share it anyway. These cards are all made using the 5 different Shimmer Sheetz Gemstone colors. They all have a silver core so this is all just embossed and sanded with a sanding block. Very simple and easy. I made different 'patchwork' designs. I know there are many patchwork designs and can't wait to find more. The lines to connect the pieces are Peel Off sheet nr 842 straight lines and corners. I also used some Peel Off glitter dots."

Please check your calendars to make sure the Art 'n Soul Birthday Party is on it . . . Sunday, July 22! We couldn't have a birthday or a party without you!


  1. I have GOT to start coming to classes. These beautiful colorful projects make me want Shimmer Sheetz now!

  2. And we want to you start coming to our classes at Art 'n Soul. We look forward to welcoming you at a class real soon. Watch for our class schedule coming out any day now.

  3. these are absolutely beautiful.....wish I lived closer to you..... you told us what dies were used to make the oval necklaces....... could you tell us what dies were used to make the ones closer to the top...the square-ish ones? Thanks... Martha

    1. The square asymmetrical dies are from Sizzix. Thanks for being a part of the Bella Carta at Art 'n Soul blog!