Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Lots of goodies at the store right now. We are currently selling several of the packets of ribbons, yarns, hemp, baker's twine, buttons, pendants, wood squares, Tombow Markers, etc., from the Magenta booth on consignment. Some of these items may not be available after this weekend because Helene will be taking some of them back with her to Montreal when she leaves next Tuesday. So be quick . . .

Watercolor paper used in Helene's classes;
remember to use the smooth side when stamping and embossing.

Laser-cut by Magenta and 'ready-to-wear' or you can color them any way you want.
The butterflies are the adhesive-backed cork from Magenta.

Laser-cut blank wood squares and other pendant shapes for you to
color and embellish; the squares do not have the pin-hole and can easily
be used as an embellishment on your cards, journals, altered art, et al.

More later today . . . I need to leave for Puyallup now to give installment instructions to the electrician for our pendant lights in the entry at the new house and he's adding the electrical strip to my craft table. Wish me luck because electrical engineering is definitely not a part of my vocabulary or mental capacity!

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