Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Gwen Evan's class and demo for Animal Spirit stamps from Earth Art International showed us how to easily create stamped art from these intricately designed and beautiful stamps. As Gwen explained, the stamp design always tells a story, and Sue Coccia's story on each one is magical. Many of us who collect her stamps always look for the ladybug that's in every design.

The class cards looked like they would be somewhat challenging and time-consuming . . . NOT! Gwen is known for her quick-and-easy techniques and she shared some of those at the class. These same techniques are now available on U-Tube . . . you'll want to look at them because afterward, you'll eagerly anticipate using your Animal Spirit stamps . . . and want more!

by Janice Shineman
by Janice Shineman
by Janice Shineman
by Stephanie Clarey
by Gail Hesseholt
by Janice Shineman
by Mary Esperanza


 Ink Markers directly on the Stamp


This was the SURPRISE "how-to" . . . WOW!

You can still order stamps from the catalog at the store and Gwen will deliver those orders to the store tomorrow, so please be quick!

"Open Catalog" at Art 'n Soul this month . . . Local King Rubber Stamps (including their new custom-dies that are precision-cut to match several of her stamps and they emboss too!); Rubber Moon; and JustRite. Come in and place your orders. And as you well know, it's always 'open catalog' status for Magenta!

Here are the pics of the finished boxes by Sam Lee and Susie Tracy from John Petersen's class last month. If you took the class and finished your box project, we'd love to share it with our readers! Both Sam and Susie finished their boxes beautifully. The "base" work of the box came from Imagine Crafts' and Tsukineko's products . . . VersaCraft, StazOn, Brilliance, Fireworks!, Goosebumps, Transfer Medium, et al.

by Sam Lee
Sam enjoyed adding fibers, yarns and other 'treasures' in her craft room

closer view of the front
Sam enjoyed finding spots for the little birds

the top

closer look at the key

the sides

the back
closer look

by Susie Tracy
the top
the sides
Susie used the letter initials of her 3 daughters on each side

the front

the 'feet' from domino tiles she had previously made

From Magenta's blog . . . we're in the new month of May and that means Helene will be at Art 'n Soul in a couple of weeks to teach her fabulous classes. In the meantime, you might want to come to Art 'n Soul to look at their beautiful sample cards that will be displayed at the Puyallup Stamp Show.

Spring Album

"Hi! Today I'm presenting you another mini-album... this time made with recycled paper bags and enveloppes... that I decorated naturally with the latest paper collection : Color me Softly... I wanted to make an album where I could keep my spring memories : walk in the wood, the arrival and departure of the migrating birds, museum visits and more ... The soft collection was just perfect to compliment my activities!

For every page, 2 bags were glued back to back inserting half an enveloppe, which makes a pocket where we can see the scalloped tag on the top of the page...

Also, for some bag, I folded one side towards the top, to create a small pocket (left page) so I can put small tags or souvenirs in it (tickets, bills, etc.)

To remember, the bags create other pockets (scalloped tags that you can see on the sides of the album) where I can put more pictures...

And you're done! Happy Crafting!"
Nadine - DT Magenta

I hope this Saturday is marked on your calendar . . . Art 'n Soul's Recycled Rubber monthly sale. A lot, and I mean a lot!, of product has been rolling in for Recycled Rubber this Saturday. Laurel Martin was kind enough to help us with the labeling yesterday. On Recycled Rubber Saturday's, the 'early bird' gets the best deals!

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