Monday, January 30, 2012

I feel quite guilty that I didn't post anything last night. I took 434 pics yesterday and didn't even get through 50 of them before my eyes shut down. So I'll post some pics here but they may not be cropped, sharpened and contrasted yet, so please forgive

Embossing powders from WOW! Embossing.
These colors are so vivid and they don't
dilute down when the heat gun is applied.

They even make a matte finish embossing
powder for the vintage-look projects
when you don't want a high-gloss finish
(a hint from LaBlanche stamps).

These are from Glitter Ritz! from Elizabeth
Craft Designs. The gal who created the
Glitter Ritz! glitters is from north of
Vancouver BC and I've talked to her about
coming to Art 'n Soul to teach a class.
Aren't these ties perfect for Father's Day?
(sorry they're not right-side up!)

Card sample from Anna Griffin booth
featuring their new paper line
(more information later)

This canvas collage is from
Basic Grey and I can't wait to show
you what can be done. I have other
pics for you.

The wi-fi internet connection here at the show is so slow, it took 45 minutes just to download these few pics. I'm off to see more booths  . . . if I have a spare few minutes, I may just 'text' on the blog what I'm seeing. It is overwhelming and I'm panicking about not having more time to see all of the new products, techniques, etc., because I'll only have 2 hours at the show tomorrow before I start the trek home.

And now my mobile phone has totally crashed . . . I was talking to my husband and then NOTHING. I looked at my phone and it is dead as a post with nothing lighting up. And my battery was just fine. Oh well  . . .  'another one bites the dust!'


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