Friday, December 9, 2011

SPECIAL BREAKING NEWS . . . the new Thai Restaurant next door to Art 'n Soul has opened! I'm on my way over in another 15 minutes . . .

From Millsrepco . . . another way to use your Memory Box products! We have kraft cardstock and text weight paper at Art 'n Soul!

Special Wrap for your gifts.

"Found the perfect gift? Now let's talk about presentation.

Start with ordinary kraft wrap-- you know, the kind used for mailing packages-- and transform it into gift wrap with the help of Memory Box stamps, embellishments and tags.IMG_2854

These small gift boxes were wrapped in both kraft packaging paper and plain 'ol white copy paper right out of the printer tray. I added natural elements like twine and live juniper cuttings, as well as glittery die cut designs and shimmery ribbons.

Thanks to rep Jenny Griffiths for these great ideas."

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