Thursday, December 1, 2011

I know we've been having fun this year, but so much so that it's December 1 and I haven't a clue as to how we're this close to the end of another year! Yikes!

Recycled Rubber happens at Art 'n Soul this Saturday and Sunday, December 3 and 4. We're amazingly restocked with lots and lots of new 'recycled' stamps, tools and supplies for the lucky purchasers. And while you're at Art 'n Soul, look for these new products that came in yesterday . . . and some more new goodies might arrive tomorrow, too! Keep looking!

And when you visit us, please remember to bring non-perishable food items for the Food Bank Barrel. The barrel is a little barren right now, and the Food Bank is currently responding to a much larger base of people.

New Crafter's Tools . . . everyone who has them tells me they're
great tools to have in your arsenal, especially when using
the delicate dies from Marianne Designs, Cheery Lynn and Memory Box.

Some of the new dies from Marianne Designs and Cheery Lynn!
We expect that these will be selling quickly!

Assorted stencils from Dreamweaver. Students who
took Marj's most recent stencil class loved using these latest designs.


From Millsrepco's blog . . .

Tim Holz Tag #1

Complete directions can be found on Tim's blog ( Join us tomorrow for the next tag.
From Penny Black's blog  . . .

Stamped Candles by Elizabeth

by Jenyfur
It’s ‘Anything but a Card’ week and Elizabeth Allan is here to share a pair of altered candles. Elizabeth stamped Penny Black images onto tissue paper then applied the images to to candles using a heat tool. So beautiful!

SUPPLIES: Holly Tree 40-087 and Winter Wonders 30-087.

Here's another attempt at sharing photos from yesterday that I wasn't able to download last night.

The drive along the French Riviera is mesmerizing and
every glance is a Kodak moment. Much of the seashore is so clear because
the base is rock or pebbles.

We may look 'bundled up' but it was easily 70-degrees, if not
a few degrees higher, with a nice breeze. The sun's rays
were definitely felt!


We drove up to Grasse, above Cannes, to have lunch.
It's on a hillside and considered the perfume capitol of the world.
Unfortunately, it's off-season and so we didn't see much 'pefumerie'.

I love doors and have been photographing
a collection all through the trip. This particular
door had a surprise above it.

A sleeping bird. Honest!
A gentleman came out of the door below, slammed it shut and walked
off. The bird didn't move a feather or blink an eye. His eyes
may look open but they're not!

This bird bath was in a park-like courtyard between buildings
that were lined with restaurants, including tables and chairs
in the courtyard as well as directly outside the eatery.

One little bird in the bath . . .

and then there were many!

I have two comments about the
disabled walkway to the right of the stairs.
How you would get our size wheelchair up and
down that skinny walkway could be too challenging.
Then there was the thought if you're the one
in a wheelchair by yourself, you better have good brakes going
down. What you would do going up by yourself is another matter.

Back in Cannes, I passed this market. Their
point-of-sale display was a little too much
for me; I may never buy fowl again.

of course, I don't think I'd ever find myself buying pigs feet

The little heads may get lost with the
prominent labels; look just below the label (if you want!).

This is the sight that first caught my eye . . . uh, I don't think so!
Did you know that chicken feet are considered a delicacy in
Asia and they are exported from our country to a large and appreciative market?
Not a chance in my lifetime, thank you.

With this kind of merchandise marketing, I wonder if we would sell more
stamps, art tools and papers. That's where my appreciation for the
cultural differences continue to amaze me. They probably look in our
butcher shops and think 'how drab!'

Tomorrow, pics from Monaco. More oohs, ahhs, and drooling.

Au revoir & ciao!

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