Monday, November 7, 2011

Magenta's at it again mixing clever and imagination!

Magenta continues to enchant us with their beautiful artistry and techniques. I've always marveled at the way Helene with Magenta has always found the most simple and basic 'something' in our everyday lives and created something beautiful with her artistic imagination and skills. From a member of Magenta's Design Team, in this blog post from Magenta notice how they've used paper from Magenta's Emotions paper collection; that proves you don't need 'holiday decorated' papers to make gorgeous holiday projects (note the star project).

RUSTIC LOOKING CARD from Magenta's Blog on November 7, 2011
A few days ago, I wanted to create a autumn card with a rustic look. I had in mind to create the background with a wood imitation paper but I decided to experiment a little and the results were there : embossing corrugated stock in the cuttlebug.

Of course the waves of the corrugated stock are flatten but it leaves behind a very interesting effect especially if adding ink or other mediums on top.

For this card, once embossed I gently applied metallic rub on on the leaves to make them pop.

Here's a close up... interesting right??

I'm also sugesting you create the flower on my card.

Nothing complicated, you'll need :

- 7 or 8 scrapbooking paper squares (use your left overs, it's perfect)

On my exemple, every square is 1.5 inch wide

- Bone folder

- Glue

- 1 brad for the center

For every square

Fold diagonally

Fold the other way diagonally again

Open and fold across

Open completely the square to give it this form following the fold marks

You should obtain this shape

On one of the side fold the corner down until the tip is marqued and do the same with the left side, push the folds down.

You will obtain this

Repeat those steps for every square before gluing together

To assemble your flower put some glue on one edge of one of your square and glue the next square next to it and so on until finished


Here's another idea for this folded flower : a beautiful snowflake who can decorate your layouts or Christmas Cards. It only needs some liquid or other medium "fake snow" on the flower and then to add some Frost Stickel to give the frosted illusion on your snowflake.

I hope this inspired you... happy scrapping!

Fabienne Alias Loustic - DT Magenta

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