Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Our Magenta Orders

I've always thought that whenever we submitted an order to Magenta, they would pull the stamp out of their inventory supply. Wrong!

They have every plate of every stamp that Magenta has ever produced. When the order is received, the plates for the stamps on the order are pulled and the stamps are burned from the plates, mounted on cling foam and/or wood blocks. The image of the stamp is 'stamped' onto their pre-printed card stock or wood block for packaging. The wood mount stamps are hand-pressed individually. They are then packaged in the cellophane wrapping and sealed. Now I know that if we want to order a stamp from their first catalog, it's easy to do. See for yourself.

The massive amount of Magenta stamp plates.

Nathalie Metivier & Helene Metivier (sisters),
co-founders of Magenta.

The rubber is adhered to the cling backing
by machine and after they have cooled, they are
individually cut with the aid of a very special machine and
"extra special" operator.

Each stamp's image is hand-stamped individually onto pre-printed
cardstock that will be inserted into the packaging for
the cling-mount stamps.

The stamp and packaging card are then individually
packaged together and sealed.

The wood-mount stamps are individually mounted
by hand and the image is also hand-stamped
onto each wood block; this is Helene showing us the process.

I can personally tell you that any Magenta order we send out is given individual and personal attention. Machinery may aid the process, but it is the 5 hard-working, dedicated and loyal women in the production department who make our stamps that we enjoy day after day. The stamps that we savor from Magenta have been touched by real people through the entire manufacturing process . . . something quite unique in today's world.

Susie and I both extended our admiration and appreciation to them for making Magenta stamps one of the highest quality rubber stamps sold around the world.

I must show you a large piece of artwork that was hand drawn by Helene, and colored with colored pencils! Can you believe it? She said it only took a few hours to color.

by Helene Metivier

A close-up

From Elizabeth Craft Designs, featuring Shimmer Sheetz:

Those bats are 'bat-i-ful' because of the Shimmer Sheetz!

That's it for today.

Tomorrow afternoon, join us at Art 'n Soul for our monthly Napkin Trade & Play Day, from 1:00 to 3:00. It's loads of fun . . . and free!

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