Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Elizabeth Craft Designs' Peel-Offs

Deb asked me to make sure you saw some of the beautiful Elizabeth Craft Designs' peel-offs. They are available in gold, silver and black; I photo'd mostly in black because I thought the contrast might show the design better. As with the Magenta peel-offs, they will work wonderfully with the EC Glitter Ritz and Shimmer Sheetz.

I'm sure I didn't find every design at the store, so come on in and take a look for yourself.

The Shimmer Sheetz have been zooming out the door ever since Dianne displayed her sample card. If you want more, you can always write up a pink sheet . . .

by Dianne Johnson

Last call for the two classes offered by Agi, owner and designer of Paper Parachute. The classes are this Saturday, October 8, at Art 'n Soul.

No one is ever disappointed when they ooh and ahh over the gorgeous cards they have completed in Agi's classes. There's still room for a few more students, so please call the store at 360.357.6820.

Laura Leach is teaching a class featuring the Serendipity, Mix and Match Florals, and Sparkle stamp series from Outlines Rubber Stamp Company. Put the afternoon of Sunday, October 30, on your calendar for this class so you don't miss it.

by Laura Leach
Sample Card for her class on Sunday, October 30, from 1:00 to 3:00
at Art 'n Soul

Too cute not to share (from a friend's FB posting) . . .

♥ Carrot Love ♥ ~ ♥ Share the Love ♥
By: Luke Lester
I've asked Nathalie Metivier at Magenta to give me a price on the die cut papers for these 'treasure' boxes. She made some beautiful boxes with the Magenta peel-offs as you can see from the photos, and they would make a very special gift even more special when presented in this beautiful box. If you're interested, please let me know so we can discuss what you'd like to work with; Magenta will die cut these with any paper materials we choose from their paper lines.

Aren't these gorgeous tags?

You'll be amazed at how easy this is with one Magenta product!

Could this box be any easier to make?
I don't think so!
Helene wanted to have a photo taken of Susie and I underneath the special Magenta 'welcome' we received. We expressed hope that they might keep this sign up until we return again! and to brighten up their wall.
Here we all are, huddled at the entrance to Magenta's headquarters because it was raining and we were doing our best to stay dry under the door awning.

From l-r:  Helene Metivier, Susie Tracy, Debbie Gaetz, Nathalie Metivier

We couldn't leave without a photo of everyone we work with at Magenta's offices.

Susie Tracy, Julie Metivier (billing); Nathalie Metivier, Debbie Gaetz,
Helene Metivier, and Valerie Dumais (Artistic Director)
From the Magenta blog, here is a card by Nady featuring a Magenta stamp.

It's an easel card.
At an artist's craft gallery in Montreal, I saw this piece of glasswork in my favorite color . . . and had to share it with you.
That's it for today . . . more news and pics late tomorrow.
"Art is... a question mark in the minds of those who want to know what's happening."
Aaron Howard

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