Sunday, September 18, 2011

A Zentangle Kind of Day

Several of us participated in Deb Kuttel's Zentangle class this afternoon. We learned 14 different tangles so we could make the 4 cards she designed.

Deb K. teaching us one of 14 tangle designs. She cleverly used
Dreamweaver Stencil designs to use as shapes for the
various tangles. Conversation brought up additional sources
we could use for tangles!

by Deb Kuttel
We oooh'd and ahhh'd over the
SANIBELLE Tangle shown above the
checkerboard-like design.

by Deb Kuttel

by Deb Kuttel

by Deb Kuttel
The other patten we REALLY liked is
called the QUILTZ, which gives you a star in the
middle of each square.

At the Puyallup Fair, some of the students had entered what we considered Zentangle artwork in the Art Show; however, they categorized their work as "pen and ink" . . .

Jose Perez
9th Grade, Mt. Tahoma High School

 Sydney Shull
10th Grade, Mt. Tahoma High School

Karen Humphries
10th Grade, Mt. Tahoma High School

Drew Ruston
11th Grade, Rogers High School

Juan Chavez
12th Grade, Sumner High School

Skylar Barr
6th Grade, Elma Middle School

Bao Chang
7th Grade, Kamiakin Jr. High in Kirkland

Michael Stocklin
6th Grade, Elma Middle School

Mishael Lariosa
10th Grade, Mt. Tahoma High School

Just before class started, Sandra G. was busy finishing a birthday card for a friend. It was made from a "Take and Make" tag from the Shop Hop; she mounted it on a card, stamped an inside piece, adhered it to the folder tag for the message, and trimmed with Magenta peel-offs. I just had to show it to you.

by Sandra Gallo
(the colored strip is ribbon!)

by Sandra Gallo

by Sandra Gallo

And a 'matching' envelope for the card.

Thinking about the artistic talents in our local schools, I felt a need to end with this idea . . .

"Children have neither past nor future;
they enjoy the present, which very few of us do."
Jean de la Bruyere

I'm off to see a long-time friend in Burlington WA tomorrow; it will be a long drive but it's worth it when it means spending time with friends who are unable to drive the distance to see me.

Zentangle your way through the next play time you have. And if the 'eye popping' patterns start to mess with your vision, go to and try some of the eye exercises. A wonderful tip from class!

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