Friday, September 23, 2011

I gave Sue her 'retirement' gift this afternoon at Stamp Club. It's an 'altered' mailbox for her to store all of the cards she'll be receiving when she has her back surgery next week. Some of the folks at lunch asked if I would post pics. This is a mailbox that I bought at Home Depot, and covered with the 7 Gypsies aviary tissue paper for a base.

The Front of the Mailbox

This is the backside of the mailbox.

The inside bottom was covered with decorative paper;
cut-outs of birds and butterflies were placed inside so
there would be something pretty to look at. The
front inside flap was covered with a mound of
puzzle pieces because "life is a puzzle" at times, isn't it?

Left side

Right side

It was so good to see Sam today; she had an outpatient surgical procedure on her back this past Monday and is doing great! Here's some pics of a special stamping job Sam undertook with a Magenta bird stamp on a canvas messenger bag.

by Sam Lee
Stamp by Magenta

by Sam Lee
Stamp by Magenta

by Sam Lee
Stamp by Magenta

by Sam Lee

I feel the fall weather change in the air; however, today, it's difficult to remember it's almost October when the outdoor temperature is in the low 80's today and tomorrow. October means "Halloween", one of my favorite annual holidays. I'm busy trying to decide what I want to make for a Halloween card class, and perhaps one other 'paper craft' project of some type. At the same time, my 'visions of sugar plums' are dancing in my head, competing for equal time in the 'what should I make for a class' department.

Dianne has the next few days off and she's promised to lock herself in the studio to make lots of sample cards; those cards of hers are always so pretty and I'm looking forward to seeing what she comes into the store with next week. And we're going to see Marj pretty soon; I think she's due back from England this weekend and it will be so much fun to hear all about her adventures in Paris and the craft show in England.

The Huskies play at home tomorrow . . . Woof!

BTW, here's a pic of our next door neighbor, Cooper (a Maltese), going home after his visit with Hannah this afternoon. They love to stand nose-to-nose, while rapidly wagging their tails. However, if a squirrel happens by, Cooper becomes a streak of white color because he'd chase them up the tree if he could climb up. Whereas, Hannah just sits and watches the squirrels scamper about because they know she's not a threat nor will she chase them.

Be sure to stop by the store this weekend . . .

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