Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back to the Bird Houses

More products arrived at the store today . . . come on in!
This will be a good time to show you the bird houses we made at Marj's Avian Architecture class last month. As you look at the photos, please remember these were all "works in progress" and were taken before the bird houses were finished. Some of the students took their bird house project home to complete.

(My last challenge with this posting tonight is the quantity of pics sometimes wreaks havoc with the blog editing program; in these instances, I find that pics occasionally end up out of order in spots that unlimited editing attempts do not correct. So my apologies for any discrepancies in the order of pics.)

by Jenny Schluter

by Kathy Franco
Kathy came seriously prepared for the class. She had die cut all of
her pieces for the bird house, pre-stamped some of her die-cut pieces,
inked around the edges, prepared several of her other embellishments at
home, and purchased some extra ready-made embellishments.

by Laurel Martin

by Marilyn Dawson

by Sam Lee

by Sandra Gallo

by Ellen Meents

by Pam Inglin

by Susie Tracy


by Jeri Huebner

by Marj Marion

by Marj Marion

Here are some of the accessory-making products Marj made available during the bird house class; Marj is so imaginative when it comes to using products in so many differing ways and figuring out how to make something to substitute for the real thing (i.e., scrabble letter tiles).

After stamping the wood-grain design stamp on
card stock, Marj then stamped letter tile stamps;
she cut out the individual letter boxes so the
letters would resemble letter tiles from the Scrabble board.
Very clever!

These are letters from an older
Spellbinders' letter die set
so students could make die-cut letters
to spell "BIRD" for their house.

 I came across this quote and couldn't resist sharing it with you:

"After you've heard two eyewitness accounts of an auto accident,
you begin to worry about history."
Author Unknown

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