Tuesday, March 1, 2011

New Toy!

"It" finally arrived! Spellbinder's new Grand Caliber shipment arrived at the store the other day. Sue, Marj and I have a new toy to play with, and so does the store! As a CHA special, they offered any store a free Grand Caliber if we could buy 3 . . . so we did! Please stop by the store and see for yourself how 'grand' this Grand Caliber is!

If you haven't signed up for Agi Werner's Paper Parachute classes on Saturday, March 12, you'll be disappointed. Her works of card art are always stunningly beautiful . . . I've posted a picture here of one of her sample cards for one of the two classes (I don't know which sample went with which class) . . .

by Agi Werner of Paper Parachute
(duplicating of this photo not allowed without advance and specific permission
from Agi Werner of Paper Parachute)

Agi's card designs are always a surprise . . . not only in their design, color and embellishments, but also in the way they sometimes fold 'out'. No more clues . . . you'll have to sign up for the class(es).

Speaking of classes, we wanted to show off the Spirit Woman pins made by students taking the Spirit Woman Pin class led by Elaine Woodhouse this last Sunday. Our thanks to Sandra Gallo for sending along this photo . . . what fun they had!

Elaine always brings the most creative art projects to Art 'n Soul. Elaine's next class will be held on Sunday, March 20, from 1:00 to 3:00 . . . "New Technique -- Beaded (No-Sew) Miniature Collages". When we have a class sample, we'll be sure to post it here! In the meantime, sign up if you want to have another really artistic Sunday afternoon in the month of March!

Do these pics bring back any recent memories? And, no, the picture isn't grainy . . . those are the snowflakes!

Our front driveway

Looking across the street across the front driveway

Looking out at the lake . . . parts of the lake actually froze!

And one last thought . . . Easter is around the corner. Here's a sample Easter Card from Elizabeth Craft Designs from the Millsrepco Blog (that's who we purchase a lot of our tools, papers and ribbons through).

Glitter Easter Egg

Peel-Off Easter Egg from Elizabeth Craft Designs. Micro Fine Glitter in
lavender, celadon, liberty blue and pink.

You can purchase the Elizabeth Craft Designs' Micro Fine Glitter at Art 'n Soul, as well as their special adhesive papers.

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