Friday, February 18, 2011

Spellbinder Update

Both Deb and I talked to Spellbinders today. We're frustrated that our order placed at CHA hasn't arrived yet as were expecting it to. The fulfillment department said that because there are only 2 of them, it is difficult to send 2 different shipment dates and it was decided to combine the earlier shipment with the later shipment . . . argggh! I commented it would have been nice if they had sent us an email or posted something on their website. I also explained that what I was told at the show was conveyed on our blog and, needless to say, we have some upset customers. She said they'd be better organized at next year's CHA. What???

The Grand Calibers and the dies are supposed to ship out at the end of next week, since their delivery of product arrives in Phoenix on Tuesday. Their phone number is now on my speed dial!

Stay tuned!

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  1. Found your website after not locating embellishements suggested on an "idea" on the Hero Arts website. There you were. I love it. I have have a thousand stamps + and have been neglecting them for over three years. The inspiration I have received, from viewing your website,I hope will lighten my way to a new start in an old direction.