Thursday, February 24, 2011

The snow was a delight to see this morning; however, the reality of it stopped me from going to the store since our little road's downslope was nothing but slip-n-slide according to my husband. Luckily, Tom took the Steampunk Journal and class sign to the store so it could be displayed; I hope people like this "first experiment" of a fabric/paper journal, and folks will sign up for the class. Here are some photos of the outside . . .

Hannah took to the snow, but it was a little deeper than she expected!

The yard looks bigger when it's all white!
(If you can't see Hannah, she's in the lower left of the pic.)

'I think the house is that way.'
I'm wondering if this snow was sent to us from Marj, who returns from Illinois tomorrow (if the weather conditions here and there cooperate). She is always so good at sharing! It will be nice to know she's back home with the rest of us.

More of the Fred Mullett Japanese Rice Paper packets have been ordered; there are 20 thin pieces of rice paper per packet and will sell for $4.15 per pak. If you want to reserve a packet, let the store know. In addition, Fred has the BIG UGLY's back in stock . . . the best stamp-positioner known to any crafter. We ordered 2; one is reserved for Mary Esperanza . . . if you want the second one, let the store know asap.

I'll try to post the Art 'n Soul class schedule later this evening. In the meantime, stay warm and stay safe!

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