Thursday, February 3, 2011

Prismatic Paper In!

Bazzill came through for us by sending the 8-1/2" x 11" Prismatic paper we've been running low on. The order I placed on Monday morning at CHA was delivered to the store today, and Deb has put the papers on the shelves. Thank you, Bazzill, for your fast service!

Short post today . . . it's been a very long day. We left home at 5:30 a.m. this morning for our flight to Orlando. With all of the crazy weather systems going on, we flew through a lot of turbulent air. Our morning at SeaTac didn't start well. The line we were in for the TSA security check was ridiculously slow. The ID checker appeared to read letter-by-letter rather than word-by-word. We were 10 back and it took us 40 minutes to advance forward. Typical, there were more TSA people floating around the checkpoint than checking ID's. Of course, my husband was rather impatient because he was counting on having breakfast before boarding our flight . . . and you don't get between him and food until after lunch time. I was afraid his commentary was going to get him time in a 'holding cell' at SeaTac for at least 5 hours! So if you get in line at SeaTac to go through security, do NOT get in the line that is checked by a man who looks like he could work as a Santa Claus during the holidays!

Stop into the store to see the new Outlines Rubber Stamp images for Spring 2011. I brought back her spring catalog supplement that isn't posted on their website yet.  I have to tell you the owner of Outlines is such a cute lady . . . I told her I wanted to do the petals in the metallic paints and she wanted to show me right then and there how simple it is. She pulls out a small plastic container from underneath the display table and shows me right there . . . what a sight we must have been. She and I both were squatting on the floor while she demo'd the technique. And then the small world hit us . . . I told her I knew two people who are very dear friends of my husband and I from Storrs, CT where she is from . . . I said the first 2 names and she finished with their last name! Before parting company, I told her we love her stamps!

Marj, I have a surprise for you. Actually, Nancy Bishop has a surprise for you. In my Valentine class the other night, Nancy actually tied her own bow for a card without direction or supervision . . . ! We all laughed because we know how you're always assisting Nancy when it comes to making ribbon bows for cards.

I want to thank Marj for making the most delicious birthday dessert for our staff b'day celebrations . . . it was ice cream and meringue in red grapefruit halves! WOW! And Catherine brought the most creamy, luscious tasting Brie cheese and the healthiest gourmet crackers from the Metropolitan in Tacoma.

Nighty night . . . tomorrow morning is a much-needed manicure and pedicure. I don't want Tom's industry folks to think he has a a wife who moonlights as a street-person by day!

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