Sunday, January 30, 2011

Overwhelming Day at CHA

(this is really Saturday night's post!)

I could have been easily overwhelmed today. It was the official opening day of the 2011 Winter CHA Show, but I somehow kept it together without need of my drool bib.

After checking in at the Magenta booth, I headed to the Graphic 45 booth. WOW! They love having pics taken of all of their samples, and their display samples are nothing short of spectacular. Makes you think that papercrafting is an art all of its own working only with their paper. LeCirque has been shipped. The booth was soooo full of people that I couldn't even find the Hollywood Vogue samples, so I'll try later.

This probably took as long 'or longer' to make in paper
as it would a dressmaker to make it with fabric!

Then I headed over to the Spellbinder booth to work on our order from Friday. OMG, it was another sensory overload. They demo'd the Grand Caliber for me . . . so, of course, I added to the order so Marj wouldn't be the ONLY one with this wonderful machine. The cutting tray is so much larger that they put all sorts of different dies on the sheet at the same time, ran it all through, and could piece together a great look for a card with only one pass through the machine! If you would like to own this machine on this FIRST delivery, let us know asap . . . there is one extra machine in the order coming to the store . . . all you have to do is put your pink sheet in and pay for the order.

Of the new releases, the Parisian Accents & Motifs, Floral Doily Accents & Motifs, and Fleur de Lis Accents & Motifs will ship immediately! What a nice surprise. And coming in the same shipment are the items from "CURRENT INVENTORY", i.e., anything that they sell that is not a 'new' release, and the Grand Caliber! Yabba-dabba-doooo!

The sales person helping me turned out to be the company owner's mom! So, of course, I had to meet Stacy . . . what a whirlwind of enthusiasm! She loves to support women in business because she feels it's a circle of empowerment as we all work together supporting one another. It turns out she's never met Helene and told me she can't believe in all of these years, she's never met her . . . before she started Spellbinders, she was a rubber stamper who used Magenta stamps. So we'll be closing that circle now.

This sign was too 'fun' to not share . . .

Towards the end of the show day, I had my picture taken with Deborah Norville . . . remember her? She is as nice and 'down to earth' as she is pretty and talented.

We look a little 'green' on the edges because
the lighting was so bad; the first take made us look
like we were descendants of Shrek. Deborah suggested
using the flash to help offset the bad lighting,
and, of course, she was right! What were they thinking
when they put those lights up? Her infinity scarf was
beautiful . . . I'll have to look up the pattern in her
new knitting book!
 I'll leave it there. More pics to post later. It is so fun to be here to see all of the "eye candy" and think if it's something the Art 'n Soul family will like and will want to work with.

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