Thursday, December 30, 2010

How fun this 'zentangle' would be to create!
I've been having fun tangling in my Zentangle book. It's becoming a challenge to not do everything in squares and learning how to blend multiple tangles on one sheet. I've been combing through the Zentangle blog finding each of their "New Tangles" and printing those out for the 'someday' attempt.
From the Zentangle Blog of Nov. 28, 2010:  New Tangle: Facets

Facets is a great new tangle sent to us by Nancy Pinke, a Certified Zentangle Teacher (CZT) in Elko, Minnesota.

We like facets because it is unique, easy to do, fun to shade and you can use it in many ways. After you establish your unique facet grid, it is created with only one stroke, a straight line, similar to
paradox. And when you see the instructions, you immediately understand how to create it.

Here's a four-tile Ensemble that Nancy created using facets. (See a larger version on this blog entry.)

Here are a few Zentangles that Rick and Maria created with facets (larger images on blog).



As you familiarize yourself with this tangle, explore doing it in different ways. Try starting with the outside lines and move to the center and then try it from the center to the outside. Remember to rotate your tile whenever that works best for you.

Another way to play with this pattern is to tangle it in sync with your breath - top line, inhale - bottom line, exhale - etc.

Thanks, Nancy for sharing this tangle!
And from the Graphics 45 blog . . . this paper collection is ready for the spinning rack and will be at Art 'n Soul on January 2!

Hello Lovely Crafters,

We hope your week is going well! With winter in full swing, we're sure there are those of you out there who are yearning for some Spring invigoration. While we can't speed up arrival of the warm seasons, we can do our best to bring you the best and brightest crafts to warm your heart. Today we have a fantastic Spring-inspired album from Candy Rosenberg. Candy is one of our talented design team members and her crafts are pure enchantment! Have a look at this vibrant and sweet album she created with our new Once Upon a Springtime collection. With so many adorable details and captivating textures, you're sure to fall in love with this little treasure.

"I could not resist making a fun little album for my granddaughter with this beautiful collection.  We are working on a fairy story to go inside so we can make it into a reader book.  I used bits and pieces from various papers in the "Once Upon A Springtime" collection, along with Imaginarium Designs, "picket fence, alpha, birdcage" which complete the look." -Candy Rosenberg


Thank you Candy as always for your fabulous work! We have many more stunning crafts for all of you this week! While the sun may be in short supply these days, there's no shortage of beautiful craft inspiration here at Graphic 45. So keep your spirits high and get your scissors ready for fun!

Happy Thoughts!

Team Graphic 45

Good news! Our luggage was located and it's arriving at our doorstep by 2 p.m. this afternoon! Dirty laundry has never been so invited!

Bundle up; it's beautiful but cold outside. Please stop by today if you have a chance; it's the last day of the year Art 'n Soul will be open for business! Lots of discounts! We re-open on Sunday, January 2!

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