Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tweety Jill & A Surprise Drop-In Friend

While Sue and MOM were continuing to check in the Fred Mullett stamps, in walks the 'real' FRED through the Art 'n Soul doors. He stopped by to make sure Sue and MOM were doing okay before heading north to teach another class in Seattle.
Fred Mullett says to MOM . . . 'this is what you look for.'
Mom says to Sue . . . 'be sure you're doing this correctly because
you-know-who has his eye on you!'
We think they make a great looking team!

The Tweety Jill stamp sets arrived this morning. That means you can get started on your Alice in Wonderland projects. Other subjects you can work on with the Tweety Jill stamp sets are birds (think Susie had anything to do with that order?); butterflies, the Wild West; and travels in France . . .

The blogger powers must be hinting at me to quit posting pics because they're not posting any more. So I'll start another blog right away to finish these off! Don't go away . . .

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