Monday, August 2, 2010

Today's Halloween Book Class was a Marathon Session!

(this was written late Sunday night, even tho the post date says "Monday")

Thanks to everyone who signed up and took part in this afternoon's festive class. We worked from 1:00 until 7:30 p.m., without food or refreshment. But we made it! A few of us are coming back in late morning tomorrow (August 2) to finish up the last little bit. Everyone had a good time, and a couple of the students REALLY took off on their own direction and ended up with gorgeous books! I said I would post scanned photos of the entire book so some students could finish up at home without benefit of the real in-person class sample. I'm still going to do that BUT I'm going to do it in the morning.

We have some new Halloween papers that will be on the shelf tomorrow, and lots of black chipboard for sale. One of the open catalog items for the month of August is the Tweety Jill Alice in Wonderland stamp sets; there are several sets in the Alice in Wonderland series and a few other series. They are quality stamps inside a slim plastic case with examples of each stamp design so you are able to return the stamp to the same location it was found. In addition, you are able to view what stamps are inside the case without having to open it up. All-around good quality cling mounted stamping sets.

"so long, farewell . . . toodle loo"

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