Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Simply Stunning" is the only way to describe Marj's latest project!

Yesterday morning, Art 'n Soul's Marj Marion walked into the store to deliver the Sample Board for her upcoming stenciling class next month. Both Sue and Debbie were simply awed by one stencil project in particular . . . the peacock. A photo of it is here for you to enjoy, but you really must stop in at the store to see it up close and personal. DreamWeaver Stencils will be quite proud of what Marj has created with their products.

by Marj Marion

And here's another sample card for the same class:

by Marj Marion

A "huge" order is being sent to Magenta this morning . . . when the box arrives, it's going to be like Christmas morning! Several of their newly introduced products are included in the order. We want to thank those of you who took the time to preview the latest introduction of Magenta stamps and chipboards, and then placed an order at Art 'n Soul. It's your support that makes Art 'n Soul one of Magenta's largest U.S. customers! A few of the sample cards for Helene's classes in October arrived as well; look for them soon.

An order was placed yesterday for more of the satin maple leaf cut-out ribbon; there wasn't a complete yard left on either roll. Thank you! More wire-edged ribbon has been ordered as well. And all of this week will be spent finalizing what we want to order for additional Halloween papers and the start of the Christmas papers. Glitz papers were put out today on plastic trays "underneath" the Halloween table . . . you won't have to "bend down" too far; be sure to look at both sides of the sheets. Susie, Sue and Deb are working on additional orders as well, including the Alice in Wonderland stamp sets from Tweety Jill.

Here is a pic of Laurel Martin's page from the Halloween in Wonderland book; she added the Mad Hatter from the "postcard picture" sheet to Page 8; it really added dimension and character to the layout.

by Laurel Martin

I said I would put pics of the Halloween in Wonderland book on the blog. It took me a little longer than anticipated because I started fooling around with it again after Laurel placed her additional embellishments. I added more of the cut-outs from the border strip sheet and it was fun to do. When I have a few spare moments again, I think I'm going to look over the other cut-out sheet and see if I can add a few more fun drawings. If you have the time and inclination, go ahead and try it yourself; I think you'll have fun! It's taking a little more time to edit the photos in Photoshop, so you'll see more of the pics later (sorry!).

Page 1 - Front Cover
Page 2

Page 2 - Insert (Halloween Poem)
Page 3

Page 3 - Insert (Clip Art)

More will be posted later today. Promise!

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