Saturday, July 25, 2015

Today was just a fabulous day at Art 'n Soul. Two classes were given by Sandy Jackson, as well as a show-'n-tell of how some of her creations were developed. I only wish I could have come home and resumed my Hasty Lace art for the entire evening! What I loved about today's classes was learning how to incorporate more than one template design on one piece, using only sections or parts of an overall design. As you'll see in the photos of Sandy's sample works, she has used several templates within one piece using singular design elements from each one.

These photos are part of Sandy's 'show-'n-tell' . . . I'll have photos of student work in the next posting because I forgot the list of student names! Sandy highly recommends a 29 or 30 lb. vellum when working with the colored vellums; the darker colors are more difficult to find and we are working on securing a source.

*(Please note the lighting is different and gives off varying color tones.)

by Sandy Jackson, Hasty Lace by Some-Assembly-Required
Notice how the pattern on one side is altered on the reverse side.
This is the effect from the 'innie and outie' method.

by Sandy Jackson, Hasty Lace by Some-Assembly-RequiredSandy has been experimenting with color. Because of the vellum's
ultra-smooth surface that doesn't have "teeth" to grab the colors,
Sandy recommends using a very soft colored pencil. She has had
great success with Derwent's Coloursoft Pencils; Sandy has tried
using the Prismacolor colored pencils and they're a little more difficult
when applying the color. The top photo is of the 'reverse' side; the
bottom photo is the correct side and you can see how the colors are
somewhat muted. I love the vibrancy of the colors but I agree with
Sandy that the reverse side is much more complementary to the
Hasty Lace design and work.

by Sandy Jackson, Hasty Lace by Some-Assembly-Required
This is the front and back of the same piece using the innie and outie
technique on terra cotta vellum paper.

by Sandy Jackson, Hasty Lace by Some-Assembly-Required
The photos just do not capture how beautiful this artwork is;
when Sandy passed around some "developing" samples that she
has been working on, they really looked like real fabric and not vellum!
It's the combination of the design work and the texture that
makes each of these pieces so exquisite.

by Sandy Jackson, Hasty Lace by Some-Assembly-RequiredThis is another 'sample' piece playing with colors; you can see the
practice marks testing what the color looks like on the vellum.

by Sandy Jackson, Hasty Lace by Some-Assembly-RequiredThis sample piece is an excellent display of one of her new large template
designs using quilting patterns; we actually used this template using
only a portion of it as our base.You can see the "right" side and "back" side of Sandy's coloring.

Taking classes from Sandy Jackson at Art 'n Soul are truly unique. Whenever she teaches Hasty Lace, the class is the first of its kind and she never repeats it again. We feel quite honored that Sandy offers this special practice at Art 'n Soul. Another note that you should understand -- Sandy will not be selling or demo'ing Hasty Lace at any more customer shows. She will be limiting her time to teaching classes and developing more designs. BUT, whenever Sandy teaches at Art 'n Soul, she will be bringing the Hasty Lace Trunk Show with her so you can purchase more of her glorious designs.

Memory Box has just released their digital "Look Book" for July. Jean Okimoto has designed all of the cards . . . you should take a look!

I'm sorry to say this but I need to stop with this posting. The next posting will include another Inspiration Station card from Art 'n Soul, as well as the Hasty Lace student work from class.

Tomorrow is another creative day at Art 'n Soul. Marj Marion is teaching a new technique for card art in the afternoon. It's so lucrative that Sandy Jackson wanted to sign up today and Marj agreed to accommodate this last-minute request. That is quite flattering to have a teacher of one art sign up for a class taught by another teacher.

Thanks for stopping by . . . I'd continue but my head is telling me to stop for the day.

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