Sunday, July 5, 2015

I hope you all enjoyed the Fourth of July celebrations yesterday. Art 'n Soul opens again today (Sunday) at 12:30 p.m., and Patti will be there all afternoon to help you with anything artistic and creative. Art 'n Soul enjoys cool air-conditioning and might be a great escape for you from the heat!

For a post-holiday, I wanted to share this great canvas project made for the Fourth of July celebration from the IMAGINE Crafts' blog. I love how each state is named. I'd really like to make something like this next year for my home.

by Heike Linnek, Artist-in-Residence for IMAGINE Crafts
Click on this link for the detailed project sheet:

Also on the IMAGINE Crafts' website, they have made a very useful resource guide for their products. It's a Compatibility Chart for all of their products on various surfaces. Please check it out, and print it out so it's handy for you to use!

This is another lovely card from Heather Telford. I bought this stamp during the last open catalog with Penny Black and can't wait to return home and try out Heather's technique.

"Pop Pop Poppy" by Penny Black Stamps

by Heather Telford for Penny Black
I wish I would remember to feel free to add lines to the watercolored image for more finished look.

This card was spotted by Magenta and shown on their blog; I love the 'smooshed' background of colors and how she brought those same colors into her floral bouquet from the Magenta stamp.

by Lynda Pleckan
Click on this link to Lynda's blog for the details:

Also from Lynda's blog, she zentangled™ stars. In the first viewing of the card, there was no shading. In the updated version, Lynda shows how important shading is.

by Lynda Pleckan 
by Lynda Pleckan
Here is the link to Lynda's posting:

The PaperClothScissors blog has a terrific article on sketching in your art journal. The tips are very helpful.

by Jane LaFazio . . .
Click on this link for the article:

On the Inchie Arts' Facebook page, Lisa Lee has been having fun.

by Lisa Lee, Inchie Arts"playing with metallic pens and metallic paints (mix your own by combining Koi watercolor and Fine Tech watercolor metallics) on a black ATC size Art Square"
by Lisa Lee, Inchie Arts"more play with Rubbermoon images and still toying with a possible new
shape/size of an Art Square…."

No photo, but here's the link to Sandy Allnock's blog post, "How to Color Ethic Skintones:  #thehumanrainbow" . . .

It's a wonderful tutorial, complete with video instruction. Skintones are always difficult to color . . . and Sandy is there to assist you!

It's certainly been warm here in Ravenna, Italy. The family had a big party for friends involved in a local student dance theatre because they had their big performance last night. Everyone came with food, drinks, children and bathing suits. What a fabulous afternoon they've enjoyed.

Ravenna Town Center at night for Pink Night
(around 10:00 p.m.)

A store front display for Pink Night

Outdoor seating area for gelato during Pink Night

The entire day has been devoted to watching the referendum election in Greece. The prime minister of Greece is advocating a "no" vote to take on the financial reforms required by the European Union because he thinks he can use the "no" vote as better leverage for better negotiations in bailing out his bankrupt country. However, a "no" vote is not considered an option by the EU and that may give them the final reason to drop Greece from the EU. Politics, politics . . . and very interesting.


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