Thursday, January 15, 2015

It's nice to be home, relaxing and sitting in front of the fireplace to warm up. After a wee nap, I just had to start catching up with some of my favorite blogs and I'm so glad I did.

Are you ready for this Friday at Art 'n Soul? Play Day with stamps from Rosie's Road Show, complete with samples prepared by the Art 'n Soul team . . . from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Then the new ZENTANGLE Club will meet for the first time between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m.

Did you order the Papyrus flower stamp from Magenta? You may want to after looking at this card . . . I would never have thought to emphasize it in black!

by Carole Abbyel, Design Team Magenta
Click on this link to see how Carole put so much texture into this beautiful card design! 

Even though we're not a real scrapbooking store, I had to share this scrapbook layout with you from Mariette. Carole Dion is using the new water drops stamp from Magenta; now I must order that stamp!

by Carole Dion, Design Team Magenta
Click on this link for Mariette's details:

I love the colors and I can think of many stamp images I might use in place of the sea lion for a card design.

Using your dies as a mask is a technique that has been around for quite some time. I love how Heather Telford has used one of the new Penny Black dies for her Valentine's card.

by Heather Telford for Penny Black
Click on this link for Heather's how-to:

This is a very sweet Valentine's card from the PoppyStamps' blog. Could it be any more simple to make for such a great effect?

by Sherry Hester for PoppyStamps
Click on this link for Sherry's posting:

From the RubberMoon blog, I came upon Barb Black, a member of their design team. She's the one who created the "Holy Catfish" card I featured on this blog a short while back.

Within that blog posting, I clicked on over to her site and loved this technique she calls "telescoping".

by Barb Black
Click on this link to Barb's blog for the technique details:

Some of these ribbons are on their way to Art 'n Soul this week from May Arts. What isn't delivered will be shipped by the end of the month according to the reps at CHA when I placed the order. Of course, the gingham-checked heart adhesive-backed ribbon will be one of the products to be shipped later.

We'll let you know when they arrive!

While walking through the bead section, I came across this work of art. I was in total awe thinking about how many beads it took to cover up this mannequin and how long it took someone to attach them all. And then I looked at the guitar. It was one of the "wow" displays I came across.

Here's Lynell Harlow with Dreamweaver Stencils at the last CHA Show she'll participate in as Dreamweaver Stencils. As many of you may already have heard, Lynell and Wayne have sold Dreamweaver Stencils to Stampendous. They're excited for the transition because they feel Stampendous is a good fit, especially with some of the new stamp designs from Stampendous.

Lynell Harlow, Dreamweaver Stencils
Lucky for us they won't become strangers to Art 'n Soul. Wayne and Lynell will continue with their sten-zangling endeavors, including their Wednesday Zensdays' posts. Lynell will be traveling to the United Kingdom with Stampendous next month for a crafts event, and then working on the transition and training until some time in May. That will be followed by the excitement of the birth of their first grandchild. I told her we were sad for us and happy for them.

Speaking of Wayne's Zensdays, here is the latest one. I love the new jellyfish stencil that he's 'sten-zangled'!

by Wayne Harlow, Dreamweaver Stencils
Click on this link for the posting details:

And then today's post is one of the sample designs I saw at CHA and immediately fell in love with this new stencil design and the sten-zanglings by Wayne.

by Wayne Harlow, CZT, Dreamweaver Stencils
Click on this link:

It's later than I'd like. The blogger website has been acting up tonight and it's taken quite a while for it to work itself back to normal. I could see the screen you see but I couldn't see the screen I need to make a new posting. So we'll see you back here tomorrow with more photos now that I'm back and have time to upload them.

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