Saturday, November 22, 2014

Before leaving Spokane today, I managed to squeak in a quick visit to Spokane Art Supply, the store Maryjo McGraw has been associated with. It's a great family-owned local store and they have a terrific classroom space.

This is Ken who happily rung up my handmade
paper purchases, along with a few other little goodies.

When I peeked into the classroom space, I met a young man by the name of Curtis Mahon from Deer Park, Washington. He is 13 years old and was working on his first acrylic painting. Curtis is painting an aquarium for his great-aunt who lives in a senior home and isn't allowed to have a real aquarium.

Curtis Mahon of Deer Park, Washington
What I liked most was Curtis' enthusiasm for his art project, the thought process he is using to decide what should be included in the painting, and the layers of colors and hues he keeps adding. Curtis has researched the different fish species from around the world and uses the photos to replicate their images. For added interest, he's inserting little 'fish eyes' for his great-aunt to find that are hidden throughout the art work. His aunt is teaching him this art process, and it's wonderful that they have a place like Spokane Art Supply to make it all happen. Curtis is truly an artist-in-the-making, and it was a real pleasure to meet him!

On the RubberMoon Facebook page, they've posted this adorable card sent to them by 

by Debra Valoff
With stamps from RubberMoon, you can make such adorable cards. You might also want to check out their "House" kit and their "Clock" kit.

On the IMAGINE Crafts' blog, Isha Gupta has made a card that is stunning because of the color combinations, inks and techniques that she used.

by Isha Gupta
Artist-in-Residence for IMAGINE Crafts
Click on this link for Isha's step-by-step directions:

Judi Kauffman is someone who always turns fabulous ideas into wonderful creations. This is one example where Judi used a combination of wood-burning, stencils and Shimmer Sheetz from Elizabeth Craft Designs to make a wonderful box. Sam Lee, when I saw this, I immediately thought of you!

by Judi Kauffman for Walnut Hollow 

Click on this link to read how Judi made this:

From the PoppyStamps blog, Marybeth Lopez has used the PoppyStamps' Winterflake Border die to wonderful effect.

by Marybeth Lopez for PoppyStamps
Click on this link for her 'how-to' . . .

Being home feels so good and the 'mild' temperatures feel even better when I compare them to the freezing cold in Spokane. It wasn't even raining and it appeared as if Puyallup was in a banana belt because we certainly drove through rain coming down the highway into Puyallup.

Don't forget Play Day on Monday between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. We're playing with Mica Gloss from JudiKins . . . remember those fabulous classes that Judi Watanabe taught at Art 'n Soul right after the Stamp Show in Puyallup in May? Let's practice more of what she taught us. If you're into something else, bring that with you and just join in the fun of a Play Day at Art 'n Soul.

Good Night

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